Awakening (YC113)

Alpha and Bravo, twin communications towers, taking one was useless, both would have to be taken to progress to the last objective. These kind of small skirmishes were never easy to predict, only getting intel a couple minutes before attacks or defenses as to which of the opposing Private Military Corporations was attacking. Only when engaged could you tell what clans of the faction were sent in against you. Getting up to see the giant satellite dish atop the tower, everything still, the only sounds, the new guys making sure their weapons and equipment where ready for the coming battle, not realizing they were much too late, equipment checks should be back at HQ before you ever deploy to the field. No one said anything, only making sure they kept their positions as the enemy would arrive any moment; the better decision to keep those recruits around long enough to learn their lesson on weapon checks. These skirmishes would fall upon a spectrum; of boring defense in which the opposition would never break, to the opposition destroying both objectives within first couple minutes as if defense forces weren’t even there. With the amount of these battles some of the more professional soldiers took part in they could experience a few of each end of the spectrum and every possibility in between. Explosions and endless shots from all types of weaponry were constants once the battle began, firefights breaking out in all places across the valley. Favorable positioning would show by creating an impasse for any incoming forces, lost positions would create flanks on those so having a small patrol was the assignment of the more elite soldiers, those able to adapt to any situation, many of which would have known the different positions and angles from fighting here before on either side, attacking or defending.

Waking up in a flash, a flash that lasted what felt like a lifetime. Almost feeling would could be bliss in the white void. Something so similar yet so unknown in such a reality of nothingness, a muscle twitch, just a toe moving so slightly ripping the bliss from the consciousness as its taken over by another familiar emotion, panic. Suddenly knowing all too well the feeling of being asleep and waking up abruptly, but this was very different, a body that didn’t feel exactly your own. Breathe and life being forced into a cloned body.

After a moment the pod hosting the clone would uncouple and open up, allowing the clone to climb out and breath of its own accord. While cleaning up and getting dressed, Rolyat Aideron wondered if the vision of a primitive human colony was one of the old colonies of New Eden he learned in University of Caille curriculum slipping into his consciousness or simply a dream. Is it related to the rumor of war clones, immortal clone technology for infantry without the need for what he had trained 6 years for, a capsule. Would these visions return or a side effect of the awakening, leaving behind his original body for good.

Thanks for reading my first fiction post, a recollection of my Awakening in YC113 (2011) with some vision from another game that lead to finding and playing EVE Online.
(to be continued? 113-116? Pilot Logs & Planetary Conquest Records from 116-120=AFK)

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