Azdaja Clade seeking spooky triangles

Triglavian aligned group focused on Pochven, WH space, and Triglavian/Edencom systems in K-space. Looking for new recruits of all skill levels, and stray corporations of all sizes and ability, especially close knit C4 corps.

Alpha players who need help with skills and ships completely welcome.

Explorers, PvE pilots, PvP pilots, salvagers, abyssal runners, incursion runners, miners, rusty old players, excited new players. We’re looking for all! Our primary focus will be combat anomalies for standing, money, and training. Spider Tanked Armor doctrines primarily.

Our first proving complex is a c4 c2/c3, perfect for new players to explore Anoikis from, along with offices and activity from Pochven to Hi-sec.

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We’ve got exotic male dancers, Leshaks, and portals

Odart here, we are a great choice for anyone. New, old, all you need is a willingness to give yourself to the Triglavian cause

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Yeah message this guy instead of me.

Odart Genia Lennelluc for recruitment


exotic male dancers are the best part

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We’re also recruiting recruiters. I’m very bad at this part

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