Greetings. We are a Triglavian Alliance seeking capsuleers and corporations who wish to join us as we battle The Convocation of Triglav’s enemies on all fronts.

We’re focused on group PVE, with C5/4 sites on the table and looking to ramp up operations in Pochven, including Stellar Observatory Flashpoints.

Our group pings go out about 02:00-03:00 EVE time, with most of our players being CST. That said, we’re open to everyone and hoping to build activity across timezones.

We’re offering bonuses for new recruits, including:

-Enlistment bonus of 50m ISK

-Deployment bonus of 100m ISK

-First fleet attendance bonus of 100m ISK

-Upgrade to omega and fly an omega doctrine ship to earn an additional 250m ISK

Recruiters earn 100m ISK for every pilot they recruit.

We welcome people of all genders, races, and orientations to join us in our pursuit of Glorification.

Apply in game to Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade, or join our discord.


A free bump for my Triglavian Brothers.

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trigs cool, free bump

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