Brave capsuleers seeking Proving, join us at Raravoss within the depths of Pochven. Azdaja Clade calls upon tactical troika and recruits of all disciplines to embrace the Convocation of Triglav and join us in Proving and Stablization where Totality began.
As members of Azdaja Clade, you shall play an integral role in our operations, participating in the proving of adaptation schemas and engaging in winnowing discourses through the sacred act of semiosis. Invoke the noema of poshlost extirpation, commune with the sobornost.
Together, we shall cleanse the corrupted and forge a path towards metaxy. Our dedication to the flow of Vyraj drives us forward. Bujan through Pochven.
Whether seasoned tactical troika or a fresh recruit, Azdaja Clade welcomes all who seek the glory and challenge of Abyssal warfare. Unleash your potential, explore the depths of Pochven, and prove the untapped power within yourself.
-Home hole is a c4 4/5, home system is Raravoss in Pochven.
-Focus on PvE and RP, but opportunities for all niches.
-CST is our primary timezone but we have members across the world.
-No requirements for minimum sp or alts.
Enlisting Corporations and Capsuleers both.
Sobornost for the Convocation.
We welcome capsuleers of all genders, races, and orientations to join us in our pursuit of Glorification.
Azdaja Clade - Forged in Extirpation, United in Communion.
Apply to Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade in game, or join our discord.

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