🔺 Azdaja Clade is Recruiting Dorito Aspirants

Azdaja Clade is Recruiting

-New players who want to learn how to have fun in eve

-Old players who want to learn how to have fun in eve

Every day we log in to do hoodrat stuff with our friends

small gang roam

talk triglavian ■■■■ like it’s our job



hot diplomacy

Do you want to be our friend?

Hella safe place if you like cat ears, cat boys, want to learn colloquial english, are a woman, hit some far corner of the spectrum, or if you gotta broadcast for reps a little more than the average. no sp, alt, or activity requirements, just get in where you fit in.

We’ve got a c4 if you want to be the king krab

We’ve got ships for days, and we just need people to hop in them and work in ZORYA’S NAME

Buybacks, generous corp wallet habits, and a real enthusiastic CEO and Directors

00:00-06:00 New Eden Standard are our golden hours of activity, but we have options alllll day

Raravoss Sun - 20201101
Come get some sun in Raravoss.

We have cult robes

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