🔺Azdaja Clade Provides Opportunities for Proving

We know the new player experience can be pretty daunting in EVE.
You know you want to mine in your venture, but where for what for how much?
You want to haul, run a blockade… but what, to where?

We’re spooling up Opportunities in Raravoss, starting with Mining and Hauling.
Skip the reprocessing, skip the thinking, skip the wait for your pay.
Just dump your hold in the Project Hangar and take your cut. :smiley:

We’re Azdaja Clade, your new favorite Triglavian Alliance.
Alpha players welcome
No alts needed
No playtime requirements
No VC requirements
No inactivity purge for mains
Super inclusive, so bring your girls/gays/theys. </3

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