R.E.L.I.S.H is looking to bring in some high sec pirates for some high sec wars
No B/S just go out find flashy reds and reap the rewards from the loot that they drop .
Collect some tears and move on to the next
But being pirates expect to be hunted :flushed::flushed:.

New alliance going live tonight
Recruitment is open to both corps and loners

EU and Us tz wanted but no Romanians
Usual shinnizel Apply
We have comms we have tgts we have other stuff
Just abuse them as you see fit

Mail for more information

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I sense discrimination among these pirates.:raised_back_of_hand:


I can say these guys have more confidence in their engagements than what I’ve seen from most other groups. 99% any one won’t engage unless it’s absolutely a garenteed gank… If they got some repps they’d be a great addition to the HS wardecc community.

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