[B-SE] Recruiting Wormhole Explorers

Black-Star Enterprises is a new wormhole based corporation that values freedom and individuality above all else. We aim to provide a safe haven for those seeking respite from the Empires and their law. Our specialty lies in salvaging operations that lead us into unknown and often hostile territories.

We are recruiting new and veteran pilots to join us in deep space. We are looking for pilots who prefer working with a small, focused group. PvP is expected and encouraged. We hope to fill our ranks with capable and hardy capsuleers. Our Base of Operations is located in a C2 wormhole with C4 and HS Statics. We utilize this space to sustain and nourish us. Through fire we are reborn.

|Treasure Hunters|
|Truth Seekers|

We want you!
Join Black-Star Enterprises!

Contact Nicola Arman or Khura Shau in game for more info.


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