Late Night US WH Corp: Black-Star Enterprises recruiting

Greetings, wanderers of the deep.
Black-Star Enterprises is a wormhole corporation that values freedom and individuality above all else. We are a collection of explorers, outlaws, and treasure hunters. We aim to provide a safe haven for those seeking respite from the Empires and their law. We have no masters. We are our own.
As a fledgling corporation, we are seeking like minded individuals to join us on our mission in Sleeper Space. We welcome new and inexperienced pilots but our goal is to ensure our membership becomes self sufficient and capable of contributing to the cause.

What we want:
• Desire and Ability to Scan
(Pathfinder Chain Mapping, Corp Bookmarking, Combat Scanning, Signature Monitoring)
• Readiness and Willingness to PvP
• Respectfulness and Sociability
• Interest in the Development of a New Organization

What we offer:
• Base of Operations in J-Space
• Activity in US Timezones
• Full Access to POCOs
• High Sec and C4 Statics
• A friendly environment for acquiring wealth, knowledge, and fun!

Feel free to respond to this posting or send an in-game message to:
Nicola Arman or Khura Shau
You can also join our public channel in game:
B-SE Pub

Into the deep!

Into the dark!

Down the rabbit hole!

Into the mouth of the gods…

Upon the backs of giants.

Blood for the blood god…

Cheese for the cheese god…

If you can’t see the enemy are they really there?

This is my ship. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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Into the Breach!

…pretty fun game too btw…

Bring the fire!


The shadows are on the move…

Where the tinfoil doth crinkle, thou shalt be saved…

New Eden needs heroes!

" Dreams haunting me . I am immense . I am awake . Renewed "