Mostly inactive player looking for freinds

I have a busy rl so can’t commit to anything more than once or twice a month!
Experienced, self sufficents and love all aspects of eve from sov war and wormhole hunting to high sec.mining and missioning
Just looking for a group of friends that can put up with my inactivity :slight_smile:

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Hey @Kythrol_Dhorin , you can park your char in our corp - we are a small corp just starting which organises public fleets into 0.0., look over to the PuffinSquad thread - and we do have some alts people use to park in corp for joining fleets so it’s ok, if you can only be on from time to time. We also do other stuff, so say hi when you are on. Corp is also for socialising and laid back, we all got Rl and want to have fun not a second work…



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Hey there! Black-Star Enterprises is an up and coming wormhole corp looking for good people to join us on our adventures. Not sure if our times would match yours. We fly mostly late night EST. Check out our thread. Maybe we’re a good fit :smiley:

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Hey @Kythrol_Dhorin! You can come join our corp - we’re a medium sized corp which is known for being very tight knit and very open, and we do a lot of PVP, just look at our killboard: - and we have people put their alts in our corp all the time for the purpose of doing faction warfare so that’s perfectly fine, we have no activity requirements other than that you log in once a month so you don’t get purged. We also do a lot of other stuff as well, so just feel free to hang out. Our Corp and Alliance is more a family than an organization, and we know that real life always comes first, and that fun is a priority.



Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: will have a look through them tonight!

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Hi there Kythrol,

We’re a small active corp based in High Sec Black Rise area who enjoy wormhole diving looking for PvP opportunities as well as isk making. We also have access to moon mining facilities in HS if that’s your kind of thing as well.

If you’re looking for a small group who are active in the EU and US East Coast time zones then please check us out.


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Hi mate,

Your post pretty much sums up my own gameplay! The Corp is well rounded and love in nullsec without the obligation of joining CTA’s but friendly with many of the local alliances (PL, NC and CO2 et al)

Hop into ur public channel ‘Coalition of Carebears’ where you will also find ur Discord details, from which we springboard a lot of our information, ops and general chatter.

Hope to see you soon,

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