Late Night US WH Corp: Black-Star Enterprises recruiting

Anyone ever watch Outlaw Star? _

Blood for the blood god!

Milk from the space cow teet.

Need a couple more hunter explorers!

To Valhalla!

Looking for warriors who embrace the subtle art of cloaky warfare!

We continue our search for the shadow walkers of New Eden. Join our public channel: B-SE Pub

Shadow dancers meet backstage.

Into the maw of darkness…

Hunters in the night, join us!

In the end all we have are the memories of our past selves.

Pechow! That’s how I wish my lasers sounded…

Give us fire!

Searching for hunters and fighters of virtue!

Let the fire in your heart burn brighter than a thousand suns.

Seeking snakes in the night…

In the shadows lie the Watchers…

In cloak we trust.

Give me bombers or give me death.

I wish I was a penguin.