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Seems like a good excuse to bump

no excuse this time, just bumping

B0SS very nice, much wow. Best clubbing around, so many pandas to whack. Needs more lossmails, can’t not make sense so elite. Fun times.

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send dudes

Had a fun impromptu brawl today

Make Venal Great Again

Call in for a chat:

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Join B0SS, then you can send secret memes to WillusKillus

its true

[01:09:47] Zao Quiang > Follow an FC that guides you to combat the real war, do not grab weak and easy-to-eat prey, that is not a mediocre victory… let your FC teach you what it is like to really win with a war strategy with same numbers… that does not merit placing a Gf… imbeciles

Why is B0SS only kill Miners?

hey there