B4R Missing Pilot B4R

Missing since Thursday 9th December 2021.

Fawink (Commander) of [Error - 418], a much loved and well liked member of New Eden has not been seen or heard from since.

We at E-418 and our small community of friends are growing worried with Fawink’s lack of communication. Fawink is a Belgian Pilot who every morning joins discord to sit in our VC channel until people begin to connect.

He would contribute to Content Creators Twitch and YouTube Channels as well as community Discords and Reddit’s. Every day he would share with you his plans, his achievements and his failures as well as what happened in his workplace.

Recent Life Achievements include a significant religious right of passing in accordance with his beliefs, and the passing of his Belgian Driving Licence.

Having conducted many interviews it is clear that there has been no trigger/event (that we know of) that may have elicited such an uncharacteristic response from our friend.

Please share this on your Discord Servers, YouTube Channels and Twitch Streams and do not limit this to Eve Online’s New Eden Community as Fawink has many interests in many games.


Fawink if you’re out there please let us know if you’re ok!

Mon3y Baggins [E-418]


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