Back Door Probing - [Null-Sec/WH]

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Back Door Probing Wants You!
Back Door Probing is a newly established corporation based in Null-Sec and part of the B.R.O alliance. In the past we have been part of a Wormhole alliance under another name, thus we have experience in all areas of the game. We are looking to have fun, relax, drink, smoke, laugh , and overall enjoy our time online while pvping or making our isk.

What we offer:

  • Nullsec PvP
  • Nullsec PvE
  • Wormhole PvP
  • Wormhole PvE
  • Rich industry and citadels
  • Many planets in multiple systems for Planetary Interaction
  • We are active within both US and EU timezones.
  • Great mining of both ore and ice
  • Active and fun environment
  • A market within the system
  • Alliance jump freighter services

What we expect:

  • Full API
  • Omega account with minimum 1mil SP or an alpha account with minimum 4mil SP
  • Active at least within 14 days(give noticed if longer)
  • Being on teamspeak(even if you are not in the same channel during non op’s) is required when undocked
  • Always join the standing fleet when it is up while undocked

What you should know about the corporation:

  • We are not family friendly
  • We are not PC
  • We are pretty diverse in our opinions, but yet we stick together.
  • Some love getting stoned and some love drinking
  • We tend to be very friendly, but we are not always mature

Does this sound good to you or do you have questions? Feel free to join BDPRB and chat with us.

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