Back from a break, 18,5m SP. SWE

I’m looking for a slightly smaller corp, where i can be involved. I can fly the orca if needed. I don’t have much experience in pvp but I want to learn.
18,5m SP
Im from Sweden/EU tz.

Send me a pm in game

Tengilora, Hey and welcome, in game mail sent.

welcome back to the game =) , did sent ingame mail .

welcome back ingame mail soon


Look this one :slight_smile:

[-PHX-] Alliance is Recuiting NPC 0.0 [EU/US] - Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

God Morgan

We would love to speak to you :slight_smile:

Greetings @Tengilora :wave:

I will try to send email ingame, but wanted to link our recruitment advert, which gives a good summary of our benefits and more information about us. I think you would be an excellent fit for our group. Please consider joining us and let me know what questions you may have.

Thank you,