Back on EVE and looking for a friendly 0.0 Corp

Hi, i’m a 29 year old french who just came back on EVE. I wish to be part of a well settled corp in “safe” 0.0, mature and friendly. I’m back after a few years so i’m a bit lost and need to learn the game again in good company. I would like to focus on Exploration and Mission, of course i will take part in pvp to defend the corp interest but i need some lessons. Let me know if my profile may interest you, fly safe o/

Check us out. We have an inhouse french guide as well:)

Bey mate cpuld to come on our discord and have a chat?

Hey thanks but after reading your alliance description you seems to be too pvp oriented for me ^^

Sure i liked your alliance description and your vision of things

o7 Have you thought about giving wh space a try we get loads of pvp and we even have isk making oppertunitys through pve &/or Gas Huffing please read the post below if you like it feel free to hit us up my man