[Back to Normal] Unable to log into Support page

After logging into the main Eve site, clicking the Support link and then the login button, the page returns an error as follows:


This only started occurring today, though I was able to login on the 31st.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Just checked it. Works as usual. So I assume something’s at your end.

  • You can try signing off then on again.
  • If doesn’t work try restarting the browser then sign off and on again.
  • If that doesn’t work try restarting your computer and sign off and on again.
  • As a last resort try emptying browser cache if you can afford that and sign off and on again.

Also alternatively if you can trying the above steps with another browser also might be worth trying maybe some update to your current browser or one of its add-ons did something.

If nothing else works I think there is an email address for the support as well which creates a support ticket so can create a ticket that way and receive and reply to support responses in e-mail until the situation is figured out.

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Thanks. I just check again, and it’s now working for me too.

Not having this issue either, does it also happen if you use an incognito browser (or another browser?)

Thanks for checking in Drew. As far as I can tell, whatever was the problem, it’s gone away.

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