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Hey guys and gals! I was looking thru my spreadsheet and wandering through the market for prospects and had the wonderful idea to find the previous year or past two years of market data so I can complete my graph… and assume better projections and analysis.

Is there is a place I may find this data?

I am looking for the items in the pilots services category only. What I wish I had was:

Screen shots of the price history graph in the Eve market tool, with the year slider expanded out fully, and showing all options view able for each of the items in this category for about a year or two more than it shows currently.

I am aware CCP makes the economic reports… Is this a place I may find what I am looking for, at least the numbers and qty sold and purchased in or around jita only of desired items? If so, where can I find a month to month list of each month of past reports. I can instead of copying the screenshots like I wish, I can manually make my own graph instead and that will do. It just wont be as pretty as the graph in Eve… I will start saving from present, the screenshots, but would love to get a copy of the 2016-2017 market analysis graphs for all items in pilot services folder.

I would love some help or direction here. This is all such a learning experience. Thank you!

You can only get a single years data for items.

What you may wish to do is export the data with a ‘show table’ ctrl+A, ctrl +c
Then paste it into excel or whatever.

Or use ESI to pull it directly.

you’ll need the typeid and the region id.

You can’t get it any more specific than region though.

10000002 for the forge. plex is 44992

This is in json format, so you’ll need to handle that. (excel can do this with power query.)

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