Market History data Without PhD in computer science?

Hello all.

I’m not a computer science major, and thus don’t have the first clue on how to even start educating myself on the eve swagger interface. I barely had a handle on the API.

Im trying to learn to use Rstudio and would love to use data from eve Is there a way to get the historical data in a CSV file perhaps?

Is there a layman’s guide to the ESI?

Sakuma Might be of interest.


if you want history, you can have a look at!/Market/get_markets_region_id_history

you can enter the region and type ids and it will create the url for you

The region ids are here
The type ids are here

ie for tritanium in TheForge the url is this one
you can “csv” it by splitting the line with “},{”

I don’t think the PhD it mandatory, but it really helps.

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