Banana-Republic. Nullsec and Lowsec PVP, 20 mil SP required

:banana:BANANA-REPUBLIC. :banana:

Banana-Republic. is a Medium to Large scale PVP group focused on dynamic PVP engagements across security spaces. We are member of Dreadbomb. Alliance and Reking Crew Coalition. and operate militantly across Lowsec and Nullsec, and via wormwholes, reaching across the map. We are primarily a USTZ Corp, however, EUTZ content is also plentiful and we are open to EUTZ recruitment. Banana-Republic. is an active group of veteran players, searching for those who can handle dynamic PVP at its finest.

Recruitment Goals:

We are looking for EU TZ (16:00-20:00 GMT) and US TZ (00:00-05:00 GMT) players with a minimum capability of fielding 2 Capital ships. While we are a hardcore PVP group, we are also looking for medium to largescale Industrialists at the moment, and there is quite a bit of opportunity for a few serious indies. NOTE: If you are an idiot, plz save us all some time and skip this one :wink:

What we offer:

  • Robust Ship Replacement Program
  • Corporation Logistics
  • Capital Ship Program
  • Mumble Server Communications
  • Extensive Citadel Network
  • Dank Frags on the Regular
  • A zero percent tax policy
  • A Fun and Engaging Corp Atmosphere

Join our in game Public Channel ‘IQ300’ today for further information.

Join our in game Public Channel ‘Banana-Republic.’ today for further information.

Banana-Republic. is recruiting.

Join our in game Public Channel ‘Banana-Republic.’ today for further information and join our Discord!

Join Banana-Republic. Public Channel in game!

IQ300 recruiting.

Most Isk Efficient Corp on Zkill!

Help make a little boy’s dreams come true. Check out our in game channel: Banana-Republic.

New Corp full of not so bitter vets, apply today!

Newer Player friendly. 50 years of experience between Corp Leadership! We are here to help!

Recruiting still Open

Willing to take a few newer than 20mil sp players. Convo ‘Loki ChocoChips’ in game or joing ‘Banana-Republic.’ channel in game

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