Banana-Republic. Nullsec and Lowsec PVP, 20 mil SP required

Banana-Republic. is a PVP corporation focused on small to large fleet engagements across security spaces. We operate in militant fashion across Derelik and Providence primarily in US and EU Timezones. Banana-Republic. is a newly founded corporation with a solid veteran player base.

What we are looking for:

EU TZ (16:00-20:00 UTC) and US TZ (00:00-05:00 UTC) players with varying skill sets. Whether you would like to expand your skills as PVP’ers in a supportive and functional atmosphere or build your wallets within the complexities of the Industrial side of the game, our Veteran player base are here to help you achieve your goals. Fighting in both Low and Null Sec will help you to build your knowledge of differing game mechanics and make you a more dynamic player. 15 million+ SP players will be considered along with a full API submission.

What we offer:

Robust Ship Replacement Program
Corporation Logistics
Capital Program
TeamSpeak 3 for voice communications
Extensive Citadel Network
Mature, Fun Atmosphere

Join our in game Public Channel ‘Banana-Republic.’ today for further information.

Join our in game Public Channel ‘Banana-Republic.’ today for further information.

Banana-Republic. is recruiting.

Join our in game Public Channel ‘Banana-Republic.’ today for further information and join our Discord!

Join Banana-Republic. Public Channel in game!

IQ300 recruiting.

Most Isk Efficient Corp on Zkill!

Help make a little boy’s dreams come true. Check out our in game channel: Banana-Republic.

New Corp full of not so bitter vets, apply today!

Newer Player friendly. 50 years of experience between Corp Leadership! We are here to help!

Recruiting still Open

Willing to take a few newer than 20mil sp players. Convo ‘Loki ChocoChips’ in game or joing ‘Banana-Republic.’ channel in game