BANG Brothers and Company - New corp in Rens area!

BANG Brothers and Company is a Minmatar based Corp. Rens is the current home system. The goal is to become a stable fleet outfitter, and to do this we need miners, explorers, and pilots looking to learn and grow. The CEO, Kara Randem is a focused and driven person and will not give up until the goals are achieved.

If you are new, come chat us up.
If you are experienced and just interested in seeing if we have something to offer, come chat us up.
If you are an ancient relic yourself, looking for a place to be invented into something new and help others that wish to grow and learn, come chat us up.

All makes and models welcome.

What you can expect;

Conversation, company running missions, mining, researching both blueprints and tricks to making more money and finding the good loot, support and advice and more to come!!

What you expect not to see;

Bad attitudes, rage quitting, losing ships wastefully, elitist mindsets, boredom.

If you aren’t trying to join, but are interested in doing business, please see our Advertisements in their respective places.

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