Banished Cartel Looking for EU/US (WE ARE ENGLISH SPEAKING GROUP)


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o7 Hello Fellow members

Banished Cartel is looking for like-minded pilots to fill our ranks.

We are a small, tight knit corporation within RMC operating in the U.S/EU time zone
We are Looking for PvP players with a Ratting addiction … or Industrialists with teeth. We really aren’t sure which more accurately describes us. Whether you are into PvP, PvE, or Industry you will find yourself at home in weird world.

What we offer:
• Corp owned citadels with mods you need
• Good Ratting Space with low tax (Tenerifis, Immensea)
• Active and Friendly Leadership
• Active Comms
• Newbro Friendly Environment – Sill learning the game? we can help!
• Laid back, Tight knit group
• Blueprint Access to BS/Capital sets when requested by members Only
• SRP & Building program for tech1 members
• Buying ore program
• JF Services
• Space Tenerifis & Immensea

What we require:
• While we have no hard requirements on fleet attendance we are actively involved with the alliance and are looking for people that, like us, enjoy blowing up internet spaceships or ore!
• No hard SP requirements, but due to the nature of nullsec we do recommend about 5 Million sp
• Desire to meet/talk to new people. We want to get to know you
• Thick skin – we know where the line is, we crossed it long ago. We haven’t looked back.

If you want to know more come and say hello!
Banished cartel PUB

64 mil sp pilot looking for a purpose!
Returning player looking for Corporation
Returning Player looking for a new group to fly with (multiple 90+mil sp toons)
Player looking for new home
Nearly 40mil SP – Looking for 0.0 Corp \ Alliance - New Challenge (S-Cap&Logi&Fleet)
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Skilled Returning Player Looking For New Home (PVP or Anything)
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Come Join the Fun

(Starbud Paul) #3

Bump come join us

(JJ Uitoh) #4

Still Looking for new members

(JJ Uitoh) #5

Still Looking for new members

(Starbud Paul) #6

Bump join us

(Starbud Paul) #7

Come Join The Fun with a good group


Carebearing is cool


Still looking

(GODWIN) #10

Carebearing is cool

(Inferno Ellecon) #11

Come Join us in the Banished cartel !


still looking for new blood

(Inferno Ellecon) #13

Still looking for Players

If your Game play is covers Mining, industrial, PVE or PvP

come join the banished cartel

(Inferno Ellecon) #14

Looking for new players. Come Join the fun

(Inferno Ellecon) #16

Bump!!! come join us

(riki110) #17

Join up guys, got everything you every dreamed of. Were able to provide everything and anything with all the help necessary

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