Barges near obsolete?

Indeed I was under cutting it by a factor of 2. My bad for looking at what it would cost me and not what it costs on the market.

and it dies to 5 gankers.

No it does not. the rules are exactly the same, concord won’t give you a delay because they know you.

It’s more convenient for gankers, but it’s just as easy.

And since people come with enough T1 alts to gank procurers, then it means you argument makes no sense.

But yeah, if you don’t want to see the ganks, then no wonder you have a hard time seeing them.
Sure this guy has no “ganked tag” and his procurer was not tank fit so he DESERVED to die !

your argument as procurers don’t die is wrong.

Stop trolling. I never said they DON’T die. Only that they don’t die as much - in practice they barely die at all, at least to ganks.

you did here.

Yeah, hard time finding ganks w/o filter doesn’t mean there are no ganks.

While, with max skills and max yield fit, an Orca may outmine T1 barges… if the barge is boosted by the Orca, the barge will definitely outmine the Orca.

Orca’s are good AFK miners due to huge ore hold and massive tank.

However they are extremely vulnerable to bumps.

And how much do t2 rigs cost? 100M? Cause that sounds like baiting the gank…

And no, orca won’t outmine barges. It may reach the yield of procurer but not above that.

I purchased an Orca because of this thread. I can’t use T2 mining drones. I demand a satisfaction.

Its a great ship to mine with. Take note of the maintenance and fleet bays, it adds a whole new dynamic to what you can do. Also note that the command burst mods will NOT effect your drones, only the harvesters on barges & exhumers to increase yield/cycle time. Training industrial command ships to IV might give more efficiency vs training t2 mining drones first.

Sheerly out of curiosity can an ORCA utilize the excavators too? or is that rorqual only / way too much ISK.
I have all the skills for a rorqual from years ago but i haven’t bought one yet

They’re rorqual only and they’re also trash unless it’s sieged.

Oooof nevermind then, thanks for the enlightenment though.

please be aware that, if you mine in nullsec, the current blackout helps bombers squads to bomb your 5 excavs in a few seconds. for this reason, many null sec miners currently use t2 or augmented mining drones rather than excavs. Significantly lower yield, but much cheaper

My Orca currently does 1360 m3 per minute with T2 drones, and that is not at max skills as I still need to finish training Industrial Command Ship V and Mining Drone Specialization V which gives 5% and 2% boost on top of what it already is capable of doing.

The only way to make a valid comparison is to use m3 per second because strip miner cycle times are longer than one minute. Thus, if I recall correctly, my retriever with max skills + 3x mining laser upgrades in the low slots + T2 strippers and + 3% implant does around 10.3 m3 per second, per stripper or around 20.6 m3 per second and my skiff similarly equipped but trained to Exhumers IV does 10.8 (21.6 m3/sec) due to shorter cycle time bonus. The Orca’s 1360 m3/min breaks down to 22.6 m3/second which if I am counting right, is around 5% more than an Exhumer.

However, exhumers/barges can use T1 and TII mining drones and while the T1 don’t really do squat, using TII drones makes a noticeable difference that adds up during the time it takes to fill a hold.

That is without boosts though.
For a proper comparison you should compare boosted barges/exhumers to your porpoise/orca.

Very rough numbers here but the porpoise gets something in the 15m3/s range and the orca a bit less than 25m3/s. But you have to reduce that by some 10-20% for drone travel time depending on your positioning.

A boosted procurer can mine something like 25m3/s and a skiff about 30m3/s.
Hulks will go up to 45m3/s.

So instead of putting a second orca in the belt it is far more cost efficient to just boost a procurer buddy or three. If you have no fear of ganks and only care for maximum yield use the other miners.


orca boost :

-40.4% rof so increase in 100/(100-40.4) = * 1.678 yield (that is an increase of +67.8% yield)

mining drone
(I only have spec IV but interfacing V) so max skill is 291.64 * 1.1/1.08 * 5/60 = 24.75 m³/s (assuming hugging the roid)

so ONE orca is better than ONE already present ship as soon as its yield (24.75) plus what it provdes to theother already present( +67.8%) is is higher than what another already present would add (+100%) that is, if the yield Y verifies Y*1.678+24.75>=2Y
ie Y<= 24.75/(2-1.678) = 76.85 .

  • Unless your ship mines less than 24.75 m³/s it’s better to bring that ship rather than an orca as forst ship.
  • Unless you have a ship that produces more than 76.85 m³/s without a boost, it’s better to bring in a perfect boosting orca as second ship.
  • Unless you have a ship that produces less than 14.87 m³/s unboosted, it’s better to bring that ship rather than a perfect orca as thrid , fourth, etc. ships.
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The thing people dont take into account is how much better the barges are with an orca on grid. Sure the orca can throw decent amounts of rocks back, almost as much as a barge mostly afk. Once you’re boosting for a barge/exhumer fleet the game is changed, and that’s what they’re meant for.

Bring back compression BPs!!!

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