Barges near obsolete?

ROTFL. T2 cata is 10M. 10 t2 catas is 100M. Yield fit procurer doesn’t cross 40M while having 60K+ ehp.

Yes. It makes kill easier to happen. After all you need quite a few catas to gank one so this happens mostly in areas were gankers stage from. As such it is easier to get numbers necessary to kill one.

And you need 10 gankers/alts to deliver dps of 5 T2 catas. Talk all you want about prices but it is easier to come up with isk for t2 than with people / alts for extra t1 catas.

Indeed I was under cutting it by a factor of 2. My bad for looking at what it would cost me and not what it costs on the market.

and it dies to 5 gankers.

No it does not. the rules are exactly the same, concord won’t give you a delay because they know you.

It’s more convenient for gankers, but it’s just as easy.

And since people come with enough T1 alts to gank procurers, then it means you argument makes no sense.

But yeah, if you don’t want to see the ganks, then no wonder you have a hard time seeing them.
Sure this guy has no “ganked tag” and his procurer was not tank fit so he DESERVED to die !

your argument as procurers don’t die is wrong.

Stop trolling. I never said they DON’T die. Only that they don’t die as much - in practice they barely die at all, at least to ganks.

you did here.

Yeah, hard time finding ganks w/o filter doesn’t mean there are no ganks.

While, with max skills and max yield fit, an Orca may outmine T1 barges… if the barge is boosted by the Orca, the barge will definitely outmine the Orca.

Orca’s are good AFK miners due to huge ore hold and massive tank.

However they are extremely vulnerable to bumps.

And how much do t2 rigs cost? 100M? Cause that sounds like baiting the gank…

And no, orca won’t outmine barges. It may reach the yield of procurer but not above that.