I am Batman. Do you want to be Batman?

Do highsec missions in a Tengu, or mine in a Skiff, uh I mean the Batmobile cough. Able to process most ores with LVL 5 skills.

Be freaking Batman today! What are you waiting for?

Confirmed: I have 60m SP.
Wallet: Positive Wallet Balance
Kill Rights: No kill rights
Implants: None
Character Location: Jita

Image from Gyazo

43 bil.

BTW, please confirm how much SP your character have.


45 bil


I’m considering the offer for 46B. Thank you everyone for your offers.

Daily bump. I’m probably going to take the highest bid soon.

Daily bump. I will be making my decision before the end of the week.

Sold for 46B.

i 'm sorry. The current offer is 44.5bil

@Nuclear_Powered_Eve Oh. Your last post said 46B. My mistake.

@TxivYawg1 You are currently the highest bidder at 45bil. Are you still interested?

Almost at 59m skill points.

Image from Gyazo

I am going to take advantage of the free skill points during this Capsuleer Celebration. It’s almost 500k total in free/instant skill points. I will be available for sale when I’m at 60m SP. I will edit the thread when I reach that.

Now the market price has changed

Hit 60m SP today, a nice round number for everyone.

Bidding will now begin again. @Nuclear_Powered_Eve @TxivYawg1

44bil offer

My skillpoints go up and your offers go down XD
Thank you for your offer @Nuclear_Powered_Eve I will consider it and get back to you.
Any other offers?

45bil offer

Thank you for your offer @JustBoobs (Nice name btw). You are the highest bidder at 45bil. I’ll wait just a bit longer to see if I get anymore bids.

I will make a decision no later than next Saturday. But probably earlier lol. Thanks to everyone with current bids.