BCROW- The Black Crow Bandits

          We Want you!!!!!!

We are a PVP Corp living In Null-sec
We are part of Pandemic Horde

We offer:

  • SRP (Ship Replacement Program) for all fleet ships
  • Fleet ships are on contract for Corp or Alliance Roams
  • Discord for corp Comms, Mumble for Alliance Comms, and Slack
  • Solid and tight knit community to hang out with. You won’t be just an ass in a ship!
  • If you are a Carebear looking to learn how to sharpen your teeth, new to the game, or returning back to eve. We have experienced FC’s and Vet’s that will help you be a Nullbear. If you are new to the game we can teach you. Or even if you are a returning player, we can help you get your groove back.

What we require:

  • You to be an active player
  • ESI check is mandatory
  • Thick skin (We make fun of each other all the time. It is how we show we care)
  • Comms ia a must (We love to hear voices other then the ones in our heads and we are very social)
  • PVP mentality (Want to to pew pew ships? You will have fun with us doing so)

If you have any questions please feel free to join our in game channel


Or you can come talk to you in our discord

or hit up one of our Directors/CEO

P.S Rush Crosix Loves carbon

Look forward to flying with you


you should join this corp. Not that other one.

bump baby bump

send help

Have carbon that you don’t know what to do with?
You are in luck.
Rush Crosix would love for you deliver them to him :slight_smile:

Heard you guys on Trash Talk last night.

Respect! :facepunch:

Free bump

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Hey Razadax,

Thank you.

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Still open for recruitment. Come by and check us out and talk to us at BCROW Pub in game

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