Be a Bastard with FUITA

FUITA leads the way in The Bastard Cartel and is a member of Vanguard Coalition. We are a primarily a USTZ corp though we do have some EU presence. Recruitment is open for more, PVP focused pilots.

A laid back group of misfits that just want to pew with friends. Join our FUITA Pub for a chat.

What we offer

  • Part of a growing active Alliance

  • Almost constant PVP content with capable FC’s.

  • Small gang to large capital fleet fights.

  • Based in Sov-Null

  • Mom Jokes

  • TS3, Discord and forums

  • Alliance Doctrines

  • more Mom Jokes

  • Ratting, mining and indy infrastructure in place for all your isk making needs

  • Corporation Logistics - JF services available.

  • Strat Op SRP

What We Want From You

  • 20 million PVP focused SP minimum; Lower SP Characters will be considered on a case by case bases,
    we also have a feeder corp for newbros.

  • FULL API Key during the recruitment process

  • Social Pilots able to log into Comms with working microphone.

  • You must be self-sufficient, we’re pirates not carebears.

  • Teamplayer and a thick skin.

Join the public channel: FUITA Pub and ask to speak to a recruiter today.

Our Killboard

Come be a Bastard with us!