FUITA ~ If you're looking for pew this is the place to be

FUITA recruitment now open again. New alliance, new home and a new start. We purged the dead weight and the shackles of uncertainty and are hitting the ground running as part of Pen Is Out Alliance. One of the most active alliances in the game. We have a solid core group of members and are looking for more bros to be a part of our team. PVP focused with a large variety of content. Both low-sec and sov-null. PVE opportunities and infrastructure in place to make your iskies so you can afford those PVP ships. If you are looking to pew with friends this is the place to be. Join our FUITA Pub and chat us up.

What We Offer

  • Almost constant PVP content available with capable FC’s. All you have to do is undock and join the fleet.
  • Small gang to large capital fleet fights. We can do it all. Bring your cap alts!
  • Based in both low-sec & Null-sec.
  • TS3, Discord
  • Alliance doctrines always on contract delivered right to your hanger.
  • PVE opportunities so you can afford those PVP doctrines
  • No strict CTAs. We do strongly encourage participation but we know real life comes first. We all have jobs.
  • Strat Op SRP
  • Alliance Logistics - JF services available to and from Jita at a reasonable cost.

What We Want From You

  • At least 15 million PVP focused SP minimum; Lower SP Characters will be considered on a case by case bases
  • FULL API Key during the recruitment process & comms interview with one of my awesome recruiters.
  • Social Pilots able to log into comms with working microphone. We want to hear your sweet sweet voice.
  • You must be self-sufficient, all the tools are there for you to support yourself so you can buy those awesome doctrines ships.
  • Be a team player and have thick skin. No safe place here but everyone will treat you like a brother.

Join the public channel: FUITA Pub and ask to speak to a recruiter today.

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