Live up to the name! FUBAR. - SOV Null Alliance

(Bill Lane) #1

Hello there!

FUBAR. is a nullsec alliance and part of the Phoenix Federation coalition. We own SOV in Immensea, where we have worked to build a solid home beside our allies that provides all measures of opportunities for our members.

FUBAR. has a large industrial base and are constantly working to improve our PVP. We’ve always operated with the “Carebears with Teeth” ideals, where even the industrial groups are expected to PVP. We’re not looking for Carebears, we’re looking for Grizzly Bears. Miners who jump at the chance to go on the offensive.

We’re also looking for PVP dedicated corporations. We have the space, we have the targets, we have the fleets. What we don’t have is you! Living next to Catch and Detorid we have a lot of content very close to alliance SOV ripe for the picking.

The alliance offers
*Small gang and large coalition PVP with FC advancement opportunities
*Special Interest Groups
*API authenticated Forums/Website/Wiki/Mumble/Discord
*Standing fleet always up
*Upgraded systems
*All experience levels
*Newbie friendly

We are looking for corps with a good attitude and teamwork mentality. An alliance works together, fragmented we fall. If you are coming to boost your wallet and to hell with everyone else, FUBAR. is not the home for you. Time and time again new members have remarked on FUBAR. not being what they expected, and in a good way because it operates more like a community, a large corp, than most alliances they have been a part of. FUBAR. is for those who want to band together and become part of something bigger, pushing forward and striving for excellence.

Send us a mail, convo, or join our public channel FUBAR Public and let’s see if we’re a good fit for you today!

Alliance CEO: Bill Lane
Alliance Vice CEOs: Enlich, Tollein and Ver’Keth Rah

(Bill Lane) #2

Looking for your corp today! Come have a chat!

(Bill Lane) #3

Come on in, the water is warm and it’s NOT kid pee.

For the most part.

(Mao Todako) #4

Wanna make something completely ■■■■■■ up beyond all reps? So do we! Drop into our public channel FUBAR Public or mail myself or Bill Lane!

(Mao Todako) #5

lil’ bump :slight_smile: Come say hi in our pub!

(Mao Todako) #6

Looking for some new and exciting content? We’re still looking for PVP pilots to join our SOV space and fly with the boys! (and girls)

(Bill Lane) #7

Come give us a look! We’re looking for PVP corps who want content!

(Bill Lane) #8

Always looking for good pilots, come check us out!

(Bill Lane) #9

We’re looking good, still recruiting!

(Bill Lane) #10

Come fight alongside FUBAR and the Phoenix Federation!

(Scorchedz) #11

Phoenix Federation! sucks and they will make up lies spread them and trash your good name just for poops and giggles.

(Bill Lane) #12

Woohoo! We’re good enough to get trolls, must be doing something right.

Come check out FUBAR!

(Bill Lane) #13

FUBAR. is looking for pilots! Come get in on the action!

(Bill Lane) #14

Still alive! Come talk to us about your corp to see if we’re the home for you!

(Bill Lane) #15

Moon changes are coming soon. You want in? We’re looking for mining corps!

(Bill Lane) #16

We’re growing again! Come make some new friends and hang out with some great people!

(Bill Lane) #17

Still looking for great people to join our outstanding group of members!

(Bill Lane) #18

Always looking for the right people! See what FUBAR. can offer you!

(Bill Lane) #19

Where are the new moon miners at? Contact us today about our plans!

(Bill Lane) #20

Still looking for content? Come chat with us!