FUBAR. Sov Null - Live up to the name!


(Bill Lane) #1

FUBAR. is a SOV holding Nullsec alliance based in Tenerifis. We offer more of a community feel, and we operate well together. FUBAR. has been around for more than 2.5 years now, and we’ve learned what it takes to make members feel welcome and appreciated.

What we offer:

Upgraded nullsec for PVE and Industry
Small gang PVP
Coalition PVP
Moon Rental Program
Structure possibilities
Community atmosphere
Auth website/mumble/discord/forums/wiki
Logistics service

What we are looking for:

PVP corps
Indy corps
Carbears with teeth
Active and willing to learn
Willing to use voice comms
Nullsec experience not required
A focus on teamwork

FUBAR. has the space to play. We have content, it’s up to you to come join us to get in on it. If your corp doesn’t have a home, or are wanting to return/try nullsec, give us a chat. We’ll do our best to help you accomplish your goals and have fun doing it.

Join our in-game channel FUBAR Diplo and contact one of our diplomats/recruiters or contact me directly for more information!

Good luck out there o7

(Bill Lane) #2

Always open to good members!

(Bill Lane) #3

Bumping cause bumping is fun

(Primus Fortune) #4

Still looking for PvP’rs and Rock killers. “Now Show me ya WAR FACE!”

(Lukka) #5

Looking for new corps to join our friendly alliance where everybody knows everyone and chat every day.

Make new EVE friends from within your own corporation, become part of a thriving community!

Have the opportunity to carve out your own place in space with friends to stand by you. Build your fortress, claim your rocks, reap the rewards, join with friends to defend your space!

Join today!

(Bill Lane) #6

Come get some content, there’s plenty to be had!

FUBAR. is looking for new friends with whom we can build our home into a better place, so come give us a chat and see if we’re right for you!

(Bill Lane) #7

Bring on them PVP buddies, come join in on the kills!

(Medardus Nova) #8


(Bill Lane) #9

FUBAR. is still open and looking for great pilots!

(Medardus Nova) #10

FUBAR. is still on the look out for like-minded pilots!

If you tick our boxes, have a chat with us and see if we tick yours.

Open for recruitment.

(knifeddario Otsolen) #11

I have been with FUBAR. for 10 months now and its by far one of the best alliances around!

If you are looking to grow as a corp and grow yourself in a alliance FUBAR. is th e place to do it!

Also FUBAR. has lots and lots of potential! make sure you talk to one of the alliance recruiters and ask some questions!

(Bill Lane) #12

Looking for corps to grow! We’ve got great space, we’re looking to share with others! Come talk with us today

(WhiteWhiskey) #13

I was curious if you were still accepting new applications?

(Bill Lane) #14

We most certainly are! I’ll hit you up in game!

(Bill Lane) #15

FUBAR. is still kicking! Come talk with us today, we have a ton of PVP options available locally, and we need indy guys to stock our space!

We’re nearing the 3 year mark as an alliance, looking to make this the best year yet!

(system) #16

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