Small PvP Corporation possibly Seeking new home

Ladies and Gents,

 We are small but we are mean. We have 19 members, about 5 active players, and most of us are over 100m SP. We may be looking for a new home. I am open to conversation. Currently in the WIcked Creek Area.

Message me in Game or Eve Mail me.

Push up

Merging or alliance?

FUBAR. is a SOV holding Nullsec alliance based in Tenerifis. We offer more of a community feel, and we operate well together. FUBAR. has been around for more than 2.5 years now, and we’ve learned what it takes to make members feel welcome and appreciated.

What we offer:

Upgraded nullsec for PVE and Industry
Small gang PVP
Coalition PVP
Moon Rental Program
Structure possibilities
Community atmosphere
Auth website/mumble/discord/forums/wiki
Logistics service

What we are looking for:

PVP corps
Indy corps
Carbears with teeth
Active and willing to learn
Willing to use voice comms
Nullsec experience not required
A focus on teamwork

FUBAR. has the space to play. We have content, it’s up to you to come join us to get in on it. If your corp doesn’t have a home, or are wanting to return/try nullsec, give us a chat. We’ll do our best to help you accomplish your goals and have fun doing it.

Join our in-game channel FUBAR Diplo and contact one of our diplomats/recruiters or contact me directly for more information!

Good luck out there o7

Hello Airborne MikeW ,

If you get a chance come take a closer look at what/who we are…

We are always looking to expand our inner circle which we greatly support. We believe the Individual Corps makes the Alliance and not the more common other way around.

Hope to see ya in space,

Will in game message you later today…:satellite:


Just Eve-Mailed you in game.

Lets talk.



Check us out, Let me know if you would be interested in a merger. Looking to build a PvP core within our ranks and could use some dedicated pilots to get things going.

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