>Be Minmatar

(Maximus Ogrecuck) #1

Be Minmatar
Go to the mall
Get shot
Go to the movies
Get shot
Go to the hospital
Get shot there
Go get your coming-of-age tattoo
Forget to tip your tattoo artist
Her hand “slips” and you get a really scarry tattoo
Get exiled from the Republic
Move to the Gallete Federation
Find a job, start dating the pretty intaki accountant
Get married, watch as your children grow up and forget about your old life
Get shot by a Brutor thug in a mugging gone wrong

(Nana Skalski) #2

Be Caldari

Go to work in corporation for food and shelter
Work there overtime every day
Sleep in the office to save time you could spend working instead of riding metro
Suffocate in overcrowded metro one day when coming back from vacation because boss called.
Get cremated and your ashes used to fertilize lawn in front of corporation building.

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #3

Be Gallente

Replace ribs with glowing neon ribs
Show the light of freedom to Caldari
Replace eye with cybernetic disco ball
Eat long limb eggs
Replace feet with laser-light-show modules
Argue about the internal affairs of other races
Die from a cigarette butt clogging your fabulous singing implants

(Maximus Ogrecuck) #4

Be Khanid
Fight bloody civil war because you don’t want to die
Fail to gain recognition as a great empire from CONCORD
Fail to secure your independence
Get absorbed peacefully into the Amarr Empire
Try to become Emperor again

(Vollhov Jr) #5

Be Amarr
Prayer in the morning.
Prayer in the afternoon.
Prayer in the evening.
Have fun, drink wine.
Prayer before going to sleep.

(Akkad Akaya) #7

Get assassinated by Drifters and an incompetent military

(Vollhov Jr) #8

The year 120 is sacred to the Purists.

(78 Alpha) #9

Be a Drifter

Connect to the hive
Roam W-space
Kill Pilots
Roam K-space
Watch pilots
Aggress pilots
Kill pilots
Take the remains home
Make more Drifters

(system) #10

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