Be part of it all - because with us, you can!

Welcome to Echelon Research - (EveWho) a very well established Corporation in Eve Online.

Public Site - for more info too. You will absolutely love the real-time dashboard. It says it all!

We truly do it all. Nestled firmly within The Imperium, the largest coalition of alliances in Eve Online, we truly have access to everything that Eve is able to offer players. We actively encourage our members to enjoy the active privileges of being in our vibrant corp community, then go beyond it, into the platforms of content, activities, special interest groups and squads that are enjoyed by over 40,000 other players.

Now, how’s that for an opening paragraph?

Yes, we PVP, a lot. Not because we must, but because we can! We do it in ships small, medium and large, and we do it over the entire expanse of the Eve map. zKillboard tells that part of our story quite nicely. Okay, so we’ve destroyed around 20 Trillion Isk worth of ships. It’s not about the numbers; its about the fun. Our corp members do everything from small impromptu small gang stuff through to taking part in the biggest battles in Eve. Some of our members are coalition Skirmish Commanders. If you want a good place to learn, we are a good place to start, or to hone your skills if you are already on your way.

Yes, we do PVE, a lot. We rat, we krab, we mine, we explore, we shop, we market, we haul, we build. Yes, the Corp even has its own Keepstar and MANY facilities spread around, all of it designed to help our members achieve all that they want to achieve in the game. We don’t have a particular leaning in PVE, the corp is an equal opportunities provider of all forms of access to PVE so you can enjoy it in what ever form that takes for you. The big difference with us is that when you are PVE’ing you are doing so under a Titan and Super-Carrier defensive umbrella.

There are 817,650 Corporations in Eve. Very few survive the test of time. Echelon Research has survived the test of time. No, not survived; but thrived. We’ve enjoyed fighting on the front lines in the biggest wars the game has to offer, we’ve moved from one end of the game map to the other, but we remain cohesive, supportive, collaborative and steadfastly determined to continue providing the best access to content in Eve to our members. All you have to do is take part, enjoy and become part of our vibrant and successful community.

Our alliance alone holds Sov in over 140 systems in Eve. 1000’s of structures, many regions. Take that even further by looking at the broader coalition and we are the biggest in Eve. We are zkillboard number 1. Why make your game dilute by going anywhere else? If you had the holiday opportunity of a lifetime would you go where the weather is constantly bad? No, you wouldn’t! So, why do that to yourself in the Eve universe?

For a no hassle opportunity to learn more about Echelon Research swing by our public in game chat channel at - ECHRE Public - we don’t bite and the only person that has anything to lose is you if you fail to take the opportunity to see what the established side of Eve does with the game. Come and find out.

If you prefer dealing one on one with your questions by all means reach out to me in game.


Wohooo first to comment!
Been in echre 6 months (or is it 7 already?- i am basically the newb of the corp) it is by far the best time i spent in eve. Very, very relaxed atmosphere and uberfun small and biggest fleets. We are also looking for someone to take this newbie title off my shoulders so don’t hesitate to apply even if you still have tons of questions about the game.
See you in Echre Public chat channel in game :smile:

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Without the slightest suggestion that there is ever a lack of things to do, the Corp decided to have a Battleship Brawl in one of our home systems a couple of evenings ago. It’s purely for the LOL’s of course.

A veritable nest of Battleships constrained themselves to a 50km bubble and then working alone, or in groups, whittled each other down until there was just one victor left.

The victor left with the prize; a shiny new Nyx Supercarrier and we all left carrying a smile and yet another good story to tell. I wonder? For the winner? Was the 14.7 Billion Isk Super the reason for the smile; or being the last man standing? Maybe it was a bit of both?

With that distraction somewhat behind us, we quickly returned to doing whatever we like doing in the game. For some of us it’s mining. For others, Ratting. Others build big shiny ships. Others like chasing neutrals all over the place trying to catch them; and pop them of course. But, when the alliance calls a fleet we will gladly stop what we are doing and hop right on in. We never know where we are going! It could be anywhere on the game map!

I wonder where tonight is going to take us?

[EDIT] - Epilogue, last night saw a bunch of us go out in a small gang fleet of 33 Assault Frigates. We had a heck of a good fight with a bunch of baddies out in Immensea. I got home with 42 fresh kills on the killboard and the little Assault Frigate didn’t even get scratched. It was my lucky night; I normally return a-la pod express! :slight_smile:

So, what sorts of stuff do we get up to? Before I talk about that, let’s look at culture and ethics and use that as a foundation to drape our activities over.

Yes, first and foremost, to outside eyes we are ‘Goons’. Being on the wrong side of the Goons is usually a very bad experience for any Eve Player. Goons have had a long standing; and very effective history, at massing together, to make sure that everyone else has a miserable time. Meanwhile, inside the organisation we are well structured, relatively disciplined, well run (better than some large multinationals that I’ve worked for IRL) and play a heavily team centric game. So, think of the Goonion as having 3 legs upon which it stands, and as you well know, a 3-legged thing is stable on any substrate, right?

We have the right APPROACH, we have the right METHOD and we have the right STRUCTURE. This begins in the Corporation and its immediate environs, and flows north through the organisation to the Alliance as a whole; then from their into a very massive coalition.

Now, imagine holding Sov not in a single system, or even a constellation; but what about an ENTIRE region; or multiples thereof? To achieve this we need structure and dedication. If you really want to witness teamwork first hand in Eve; you can do no better than the Goons. So, have this in the backdrop. Yes, we love making other players lives hell; and don’t let organisations in the game annoy us. Sometimes this turns the whole of Eve against us; but we punched back and continue to this day.

So, day to day, we live well structured and very content rich game-lives. We come and go as we please and do so with clear diplomatic guidelines about what we can do and where. We are particularly sensitive to helping out our friends in time of need.

As a Corp we have stood the test of time and have firmly established ourselves within the horizontal functions of the Alliance. We take part in special interest groups, squads and other stuff; which quite literally, in our game; is hundreds of opportunities for content anywhere on the game map 24 hours a day. Then we also follow the lifestyles that we like individually to make money in the game; we rat (yes, some of us do it in Titans; sheesh), we do it in Super Carriers and we enjoy those fat 200m Isk ticks that the game idolises. We mine, in fleets of Rorquals, not just one or two at a time either. We can decimate the harvests in entire regions in single sittings!

Our market within the Alliance alone pressures that by size and scale of Jita. Check out the CCP monthly reports and you’ll see what I mean. By Isk, By Ore, By Production…with those big numbers and under its hood are many thousand team-mates; like busy bees; doing their thing; making a fair dollar in game in mutually beneficial ways.

So, there are many ways to play Eve; but as Goons, we like to do it from a position of strength, might, power and that is achieved because their is no “I” in the word “Team”.

I just got back from a fleet some 52 jumps away from ‘home’; I didn’t have to jump all the way, slowboat style. No, our offensive logistics team makes sure we have a sterling Ansibel network to take us where we want quickly. There’s also the occasional Titan Bridge if needed too. It was fun, and I’ll be back later on for another go. Right now, I’ll take out my Super or my Rorqual and relax whilst I finish off a plate of fish n’ chips…all the while waiting for a fleet to go out because I’m always ready to go for a ‘good fight’.

Happy #FRIYAY , tonights input is an announcement that our public website has been updated and now includes some really cool stats and data about the Corp. It’s real time too and self updating. Check it out, link is on Post 1 of the thread.

How active are you guys (comms, fleets, explo, general hostility)? Most of the time I see “active corps” that turn out to be dead bloated corps with 2 guys with 40 alts each.

Hi @goretex_rex

It’s for this very reason that we publish that type of real-time data on our Public website, so you can check. The thing to note; even with those figures is that a significant number of our Corp mates are involved in larger scale industrial activities and have their own ALT CORPS - who’s numbers are NOT reflected in our activity levels.

We have our own Teamspeak, where we absolutely encourage members to ‘hang-out’ whether in game or not. We also use Slack; which is extended with webhooks so even if you are out of game you can receive alerts of spawns, corp roams, hunger-games and keep your finger on what is going on. Then we have all the real-time allied tools which is voice and IM based; which means that there are always ‘thousands’ of us online across all 3 major global timezones of EU/Americas/APAC.

You can see the actual number of recently active pilots from our PVP metrics; so take that off our public web-site, multiply it a bit because some of our members are harder core in Industry and you can see for yourself that we are small enough to care; and large enough to cope.

Small and ineffective Corporations are NOT tolerated in The Imperium. They are usually swallowed up by going concerns in the coalition; so the thing you fear most would not be true of any allied entity. Corps are assessed each month for their participation across all functions of our economy. This includes benchmarking performance as a function of heartbeats versus alts.

Let our data, zkillboard and public-website speak for itself. If you’d like to learn more come and talk to the team at your leisure.

Today’s post is a snapshot of our current activity levels. This data is shared in real-time on our public website. We know that you are looking for evidence that the Corp is vibrant, alive, active and engaged, so rather than relying wholly on the say-so of a Corp recruiter; let our evidence speak for itself. Then come over for a chat and find out more.

The data updates every 5 minutes. Simply visit to see it as it is right now…

Wow, come and check out how our economy is doing! It is extremely unlikely you’ve ever had the privilege of accessing this type of gameplay throughout your Eve career to date. Our live (real-time) metrics dashboard says it all.

Swing by our public channel if you are interested in learning more at < ECHRE Public > in game

  • Almost 50 Billion Isk worth of Ores mined in 17 days
  • Over 40 Billion Isk in ratting income in 17 days
  • Over 650 PVP Kills in the last 7 days
  • Active across 21 regions of the Eve Map in the last 7 days

To make it into our Top 10 pilots for PVP in the month you’re going to need more than 48 kills. I’ve met many Eve players that don’t do that in 3 years; let alone the last 7 days.

So, come on, knock on our door. You are going to find very few Corporations in the game that have our reach, numbers and activity profile.

We do this, all, not because we must; but, because we can.

If you are looking for an established Corp to join to bring your Eve game up a level or two then you can do far worse than coming over and checking us out. Give it a go. You may be pleasantly surprised!

If you can’t beat them; join them! That’s the adage; we are its manifestation. If you fancy access to some of the best content the game has to offer any Eve player then come and knock on our door. It simply doesn’t get any better!

Almost, I almost said ‘I’ve been too busy to post’. Oh, hang on, I just said it. Burn Jita, then back down to Delve for some serious isk making. Then, back up into the North with a ‘Special Interest Group/Squad’ to attack and harrass our enemies. It’s been another full on week. Meanwhile, our farmers and gatherers mass their industrial might at producing lots of shinies.

We come and go as we please within the framework of the best ‘Eve Game’ there is. If you aren’t with us at the spearhead of the game then your game is not the whole game!

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