Looking for a corp? one read, that's all we ask. - The Brotherhood

The brotherhood.
We Are A Real Life First Corp
(Nothing Is Mandatory)
PvP Wing / PvE Wing
ts3 Required (For PvP Operations)
7 Days a week schedule( Non Mandatory, simple options for you)


Wanna be in with the .BR0S? Do you wanna fly the tightest ships in the sweetest battles ever? make the dankest of ticks and run the dopest missions ever? link the dankest of meme’s this universe has ever seen? Join .BR0S to be a bro

Please read this post, if you truly understand how to separate a game from your life, to never feel anger towards others on a screen, please, by all means, carry on reading.

Be advised that i am simply rebuilding. From 12-2012 i ran a 500+ man corp living in nullsec, So we are looking to rebuild, so give us your time and we will reward it with fun.

No Skill Point Req / Age However, We Ask 16+

Newbie PvP Classes Are Available

We are an active and growing corporation.

Nothing is mandatory, nothing is demanded, you’re either online or you’re not. It’s as simple as that, your life shouldn’t be sculptured around an online virtual world. No matter how good the game is. Never let a game come to own your soul.

Activities will include:
missions and industrty
Teaching proper fleet ques
What is a jump clone?
Actual Industry
nullsec/lowsec pvp
Cheap PvP is Efficient
Let’s get Ganked!
Fits for PvE AND PvP
Lots more!

Newbie training
EvE Online is by the most complicated MMO on the market, the cast choices of which career in-game you can take, be it PvP or PvE, are astounding in there complications. The simple myth of EvE Online of needing players with millions of skill points to PvP is absurd. We have a collection of frigate and destroyer setups that can get you into PvP within 24 hours of starting EvE Online. We will help you, no matter what your skill points, to get into a tackler frigate or destroyer and take part in what we do. Being a BR0 has a very laughable attitude towards PvP. We will teach you how to aline, warp as a fleet, explain how targets are called out etc.

Asset Access
As with all new guys in Eve it is hard to make that first billion to buy your skillbooks. We will help as much as we can with skillbook purchases. Also we will provide access to literally every BPO in the game for Industry guys.

Trial period

We know that choosing a corp can be a daunting issue, so we offer all potential members a weeks trial, join us, take the week, join the ops, see how you get on, if u don’t like it, you can simple leave and we will happily give you a recommendation to any CEO who requests from us about yourselves, what do you have to loose? Take the trial :slight_smile:

We will also provide you with fully fitted Destroyers to run PvP/pve ops with.

We also have very experienced PvE pilots in the industry sector than can help you, should you want to go that way within EvE.


Exploration in EvE is not really a team game, you can do it effectively yourself. That being said, we do endeavour to make sure there are people on hand to help you, join you or even run that damned site you just can’t take out, or found a nice ore field? Call us up, we shall help empty it. In regards to WH’s, we have no aspirations to head there. The logistics for such a move are nothing short of being a pain in the ass. We explore all avenues in eve online, from High Sec to low/null/wh’s - nothing is out of reach for us.

Asset Access
As with all new guys in Eve it is hard to make that first billion to buy your skillbooks. We will help as much as we can with skillbook purchases. Also we will provide access to literally every BPO in the game for Industry guys.
we have our own reasonable buyback program, to include icebetls. etc

SRP [ Ship Replacement Program]

We run all doctrine ships are to be fully SRP’d for fleets. if you blow up you will get another ship so you can continue on with your endeavers.


In .BR0S we have built a VERY good relationship with incursion community’s, we have access to good channels with a chance to constantly run incursions which in short, will land you billions of ISK of a week, easily, we urge all new and old members joining to run these. Obviously when war decked we cannot, but most of the time it’s no issue :slight_smile: [THESE ARE NOT RUN DURING WAR DECS]

Being part of the .BR0S we don’t believe in taking big powerful ships and trying for the valour kill, we like to take out small ships in gangs of ten to twenty pilots and simply go look for a fight. Make no mistake, as a FC I couldn’t care less about our corporations killboard, I really couldn’t give a damn. I lead fleets for fun, sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. But as long as the fleet has had fun, I count it a success. PvP for me is about the hunt, the kill and having fun, stats be damned.

So, this is it’s like being a Bro. no secrecy, no hidden agenda, we want you to know what you are signing up for.

So if this corporation is something you feel you can get behind or would like to simply trial.

Join “The Brotherhood.” and read the channel MOTD [Message Of The Day] – If not, thanks for reading.

hi i am looking for a fun place to learn eve!

open for business!

Hey ediroll

This is just a copy paste advert for your main corp new edens best. You getting bored of goonswarm now? LOL

This is what, the third time you starting a brand new corp? Getting everyone to move to lowsec and make them fly cheap thrashers all day? Kek

Fyi lloride, revers and ediroll are the same person.

here are some examples!




Interested please contact me in game.


and to reply to MR. St George Altol.

Growing active fun corps is what i do and what i’m good at =D Send more hate to me and the better i do!

have a good day sir

open for business!


I’m looking to get back into eve, I’ve been playing Solo for a long time. I really never figured out how the corps work to be honest but i have been apart of some in the past and was mildly active. I would be interested in your trial period if you would consider me.

Randle007 in game

Mind if i “try” you guys out?

Hi there,

Been dipping my toe in and out of Eve for a couple of years but decided to get to grips.

Currently running solo training missions trying to get the hang of all the options and training up my skills and get my head round the fundamentals.

The Brotherhood offer sounds nice on paper so looking forward to mucking in.

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