The Brotherhood is recruiting! PVP/Newbros/Small Gang

If you’re a new player looking for a good group of guys to help learn with, or if you’re a veteran tired of nullsec and capital pvp, then the Brotherhood is the perfect fit for you.

  • We provide ships, skillbooks, fitting advice, and more for our new players. And as an extremely active corporation, we’re always around to help our members out. Our goal is to help you make isk, and grow confident in PVP.

  • As a PVP-first establishment, we’re also pleased to provide our members with both fleet and solo PVP experience. We frequently run classes and training fleets on how to follow along in large fleets, as well as more in-depth guides on tackling, logistics, and even fleet command. All while being based out of our own convenient high-sec citadel.

  • And every day we run pvp fleets, from nullsec roams, to faction warfare skirmishing, to relaxed gatecamps. Good content comes every day.

  • We are also excited to have incursion training for new players, allowing them to make safe, easy ISK. Just ask our directors about how to get involved!

  • Are you starting out as an Alpha account? No problem! We’re taking all new players, and we’ll have a place for you no matter what type of account you have.

  • So if you’re looking for a good group of guys to help you out or pvp with, feel free to join our public channel in-game @ .Bros Public , message Skraal Naereeis, or any of our other directors and recruitment officers. We’re always around to answer questions. And if you’re not interested, no big deal, fly safe and we’ll see you out in space!

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The Brotherhood is growing rapidly, join our public channel @ .Bros Public

@ ‘.Bros Public’ to chat with a recruiter today!


Join the Brotherhood today!

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