Fresh Newbro looking for group of bros to play with

Hi, folks; I’m fresh off the boat and eager to get started in Eve.

Although this character is effectively brand new, I’m eager to drift my way closer towards low-sec/null-sec activities. I still have not really found what I’m aiming more towards but I’m also wanting to dabble in just about everything - mining, industry, exploration, and also combat. My end goal is to eventually become self-sustaining, capable of funding my own subscription entirely through playing and enjoying the game. I will undertake any lucrative activities that can achieve that goal - even L3/L4 missions if a Corp runs them.

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine in effect I’m still not due to go back into work for a while but even if I was, I can devote a ton of time on the side towards developing myself on Eve.

So, a Summary
+ I’m looking for an active Corp.
+ The Corp in question does not need to have hundreds of members.
+ I’m hoping the Corp is active in Low-Sec/Null-Sec space
+ I’m looking for proper direction
+ I’m looking for a chill group of players who don’t take the game too seriously, but just enough to be able to help out a newbro.

Last, a Disclaimer. Please Read.

I’d prefer a response on this topic over getting sent random conversation invites, so I can reach out to you personally if your Corp fits what I’m looking for. I will decline conversation invites.

Also remember - it’s not about the bro on the outside, but the bro in your heart, too.

Hi you are more then welcome to join me in my new corp Helltopay sent me a pm in game :slight_smile:

We are a rl first pvp focused and goal oriented corporation. We live in nullsec but also dabble with wormholes. We have fantastic space for making isk, and we also have a newbro onboarding program to help you transition into nullsec. Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.


While we are not a low/null sec corp we do fit into the category of active yet chill - we have a good mix of experience and newbro and are happy to answer questions, share knowledge etc. The fact that we don’t have a concrete direction is actually a strength as it means we have members that do everything so no matter what your EVE aim, we will probably have it covered!

Have a read of the post below and see what you think.

Fly safe,

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