Looking for new bros

Hi there ive just started a corp looking for new guys to come and make it the best we can i am established in caldari space.
What i can offer:
boosts for mining
level 4 missions
biulding if you intrested
some pvp

what you can offer;
willing to learn
being the best you can ingame
skill points not a must
new bros only unless there is something you can offer the corp

please contact pete1969 by ingame mail or on this thread
or ingame pub room BLIGHTIES RENEGADES

all the best pete1969

still here recriuting come one come all

please only bump a thread every 24 hours.

Hey if you should think of joining an established Corp. UNKSO has just joined NullSec and could use help defending the space.


still here any takers new guys and alpha friendly

hi there new bros and alphas corp/alliance still recruiting

hi guys still no intrest in joining corp or corps to the alliance so will let this thread just die off will try again in a month or so.
but if you read this and are intrested please mail me or join pub chat

this corp is a newbro

I also tried to start my own gang, not very effective when asking on forum :frowning: so instead I joined EVE uni.

Who we are:

Our pvp alliance which is based in Scalding Pass, is looking for new small to medium corporations to join us in growing into a larger force and get full membership in the Fire coalition. We have access to space in the region where we also have structures for basing and earning some isk for income.

We are mostly EU timezone but any timezone is welcome.

The alliance flies all types of ships from frigates to capital ships

What we want:

We are looking for active self-sufficient corporations that wants to be a part of our community, do pvp and evolve the alliance. It is a requirement that all members has access to a microphone and discord installed for socializing and fleet comms.

What we offer:

New friends to pew with
Isk income potential both pve and industrial
Logistics network

If this sounds interesting join our public channel x-prot

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