Be Part of Something, Not Just Another Member

Small USTZ corp looking for new bros who want to be part of something great. There are plenty of mega corps with tons of perks but if you want to get to know your corp mates, make meaningful contributions while making some isk in the process we have a spot for you.

We own a C2 WH and if WHs sound scary, I promise they are not. We can teach you what you need to know quickly. If you’re still working for crumbs in high sec (rip) you’ll quickly adjust to the WH isk printing lifestyle. We get all ABC ores, great PI, easy to run combat sites and a ton of exploration opportunities.

We are primarily an indy company and provide plenty of opportunity in that area and could use your support to continue to grow.

If pvp is an interest, we fly with some FW friends that can get you shooting space pirates.

Above all, we are a couple of friends creating content and fun.

Message me if you’re interested.

“I want to do hoodrat stuff with my friend.”
Latarian Milton - 2008

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