Bedlams Consensual Nightmare Legion are Recriuting

We are part of the Lord of Worlds Alliance and as much part of WinterCoalition. We are in War Time which is great for ISK making. Mining is more dangerous, but all the more fun, Indy is more rewarding and the PVP is great. Within our Corp and our Alliance you are not a Grunt, a number you are a team player with opinions and a chance and choice to make our Corp and Alliance better than ever.

Our current war is with Legacy Co. So no need to be squeamish.
The Alliance offers SRP on ships lost, each Player is required 2 CTA’s per month (thats all) And our Doctrine Fits are within easy reach for most.

Alpha and Omega welcome. 5m SP required, Capability to fly Minmitar and Caldari ships is darn useful.
We also have a Scottish, Dutch and US leadership team as a Corp and many languages are supported.
Full industry supported at our stations, BP’s Reactions and Moon, Ore and Ice mining fleets

Check our website
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