Been away looking for a new corp

I have made the decision to leave my corporation. This was not an easy decision for me. I’m a 136,000,000 skill point, with 12 years in game. There are 3 accounts with one cap, one sub cap pvp and four Industry characters. I’m looking for a change. I’m tired of the parts of the game I’ve been playing. I would like to try some new. I’m looking at role play or WH game play. Skill points range from 170,000,000 Cap Pilot, not main bought just to have a Cap Pilot to 49,000,000 Miner.
I’ve built almost everything in game and can build everything. Can produce stage 4 PI.
About me, I’m 62years old, so an older group of player I would fit in better (more in common). I play in EU and EST. Would like to have an active voice chat channel. Without it you’re playing alone in a group. I play at least 5 day a week and 8 to 16 hours at a time. I am JF capable and can move my own stuff. Can fly all ships in game but 3 Titans and EWar weak in that skill and fit most. Would prefer an active EU and EST group online.
Here is a About my chars,
135 SP Main: Combat Sub Cap
116 SP Rorq and Highly trained Fleet Command
170 SP PVE PVP Carrier/Dread pilot/Titan/Suppercarrier
3: 101m to 49m SP indy alts with 2 more crossed train
66m SP NPC Hauler

Hi spank meh, :flushed:

SASH. is a leading corporation in Triumvirate [TRI] currently fighting to exterminate RMT menace, DRF. We are looking for active pilots to join us:

What we need from pilots is:

• Able to contribute to most of our doctrines, which can range from Cepters to Capital Fleets, with near everything in between!

• Useful Combat alts including cap alts, TRI often fights outnumbered so pilot skill and alts are a necessity

What you get from us is PvP, capital PvP, sub capital pvp small gang pvp and occasional SRP, We also provide different ratting and mining stuff to help members stay self sufficient

If you want to know more you can join us ingame at “Dame Hel’s Hangout” or contact us on discord at MurkyOwl#7504 [EU] (<me) No More Heroes#8065 [US] and Mr. MeeCeeks#5627 [US]

My corp is a mining/industry corporation based in NPC Nullsec, and we are members of an alliance of similar mining and manufacturing corporations that cooperate for mutual defense and fiscal opportunities. We are mostly players in EST and EU timezones, but with some scattered PST and AS players as well. We have active comms in both discord and TS3, as well as over 2 dozen athanors pulling a moon chunk to mine every day at least, 2 on each day of the weekend. We run frequentl rorqual ops and are actively looking for more rorqual pilots. We also are trying to build up our cap fleet to join in with our allies’ combat ops. We would be very happy to hear from you, if you are interested please feel free to mail me ingame @ Bob Huunnuras!

Good evening! We are small corporation inside old alliance (Lord of Worlds). We live in null sec, in Tenerifis region and part of Mistakes were Made coalition.
We are mature and friendly community, our alliance is active on both EU and US TZ. We have decent opportuinities for either PvE (good rats, ore, moons and BBP for loot/ore/salvage on alliance lvl, minning fleets) and PvP (great FC, good amount of targets around, flash forms etc).
We do have CTAs however we understand that EvE is a game and we all have our own real life’s bussines so we do not force anybody to be all-around all-the-time 23,5/7. The only mandatory thing is to be on comms while you are in-game (we use discord and ts3).
I saw that you are preferably looking for WH or role playing but who knows what might caught your eye.
If you are intrested you can either mail me in-game or get in touch via discord Glorfindeil#2642

Fly safe!

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