Been out of game a while? Looking for old players returning!

Annihilate. is recruiting for a limited time.
We are looking for a few additional members however not looking for just anyone.
We are a high sp corp that have all been playing for a very long time. We love getting players who are just returning back in the swing of things.
We offer; High/Low PVP, PVE opportunities a plenty, Big fleet stuff, Small gang stuff and pretty much everything inbetween. Alliance members from all around the world so very unlikely you will ever feel alone!
If you would like to know more feel free to send Fortune Mitford a mail in game or join the channel “UNPRO Public”

Come join the fun!

Very relaxed, free to do what you want.

Come be a unicorn

Come be a legend

friendly neighbourhood bump

Come be the ball

Come on baby do the locomotion

Pump a da bump

Bump in the night

To the Top!

Started from the bottom now we here

Great chilled out Corp, bit of something for everyone. Come join the fun

prob would have joined if your recruitment officer wasn’t a tool. Maybe find someone else.

Good day you have reached our HR department!
Apparently when you reply with a wall of text to a character then put a TLDR in regards to yourself this makes you bad at recruitment?

its not a good start, no. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Start with a respectful conversation, read what i fkn write, have a normal conversation, but if you arent going to read what I type why would I spent anymore time in that convo like a clown? OFC i left the chat.

Yeah we have fun bye Karen o//

why bring your mom into this?

In good news the recruitment filters are working well as seen above!

not well enough if you got in.

wanna take it up with management Karen