Beginner industrialist (5M SP, 3 month old) looking for high-sec corp


Started this fascinating game about 3 months ago. I live in Finland, 35 years old, physicist by education. I have trained about 5M skill points so far mainly in exploration, mining and production. I’m now looking for my first non NPC corp.

I have recently started my first T2 production activites nearby Jita. I wrote a python script to analyze all the T2 products out there using ESI, calculate their input and output market prices and chose the most profitable ones to begin with. I invent the T2 BP copies from T1 ones, buy the input materials from Jita, manufacture nearby, and sell the output to Jita. So far I’m making about 10M ISK/h when I can keep the production line going. In addition I have recently done my first exploration rounds in wormholes which seems quite lucrative as well. However, I’ll be honest that my profits are currently heavily limited by the time I can spend in this game, which is like 2 hours per day during the week and maybe a bit more during the weekend.

Any high-sec corps out there based let’s say < 10 jumps within Jita that could support or benefit from the type of activities I’m doing?

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We are Red Phoenix Rising.
You can find us in chat: RPR public
We are a general skills Corp. always looking for new and old pilots where real life comes first
Jump in our chat so we can answer any of your questions

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