Best EvE Expansion? Eve Trinity


Aside from destroying a good number of PCs on launch day, Trinity was good.

I am going to have to say “Lifeblood” was and is still the best expansion.

I started soon afterwards and was drawn towards extracting resources from asteroids and even moons.
The game felt massive to the point of feeling totally immersed into the belly of an eight legged octopus who would never let me leave her clutch.

The Moon Mining and Ice Mining are functions what some might know as relaxation.

I need her in my life, Eden she is still very New to me.

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Incarna clearly is the best expansion



I think the best Eve Expansion was Apocrypha. It contained so much content that it had to be released in 2 segments.

Anyway, seems like this thread is a good place to post this:


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