Better Off Red is recruiting experienced small/medium gang PVP pilots

Better Off Red is currently looking for experienced PVP pilots who enjoy creating content and flying in small and medium groups.

Better Off Red is the main corporation in Unspoken Alliance and we specialize in small gang PVP. We try to always take fights regardless of if we’re outnumbered while relying on the skill of individual pilots to come out on top. We pride ourselves on our individual piloting skills, rather than being a part of the blob mentality. While we focus on small gang PVP, we also have our fair share of capital ops and are always looking for more capital pilots and FCs for them.

We currently live in Etherium Reach which gives us access to many nearby hunting grounds including: Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, The Forge, Malpais, and more.

What we offer:

*Experienced group of veteran players searching for like minded small gang and medium gang PVPers.
*Independent Sov
*Daily small gang fights and roams
*Larger medium gang operations often.
*Partial capital and subcap SRP.
*Jump freighter services and a local market.
*TeamSpeak 3 and Discord

What is required:

*TeamSpeak 3 and a working microphone
*Full ESI for all accounts.
*Previous PVP experience
*Looking for US and EU TZ

Contact me on discord at Elusive#7653

You can also join our alliance discord at or our in game channel “Unspoken Public” with any questions.

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