Better Off Red is recruiting small and medium gang PVPers [Null - USTZ]

Are you tired of the lack of content?
Is the highlight of your day the lonely scanning ship you catch off guard?
Do you want the potential for large scale fights with the enjoyment of the small gang lifestyle?
Try a R3SET today!

Better Off Red is currently looking for experienced PVP pilots who enjoy creating content and flying in small and medium group.

We specialize in small gang PVP and try to always take fights regardless if we’re outnumbered while relying on the skill of individual pilots to come out on top. We pride ourselves on our skills of the individual pilots, rather than being apart of the blob mentality. We have an aptitude for small gang PVP and focus on 50-100 man fleet fights and capital brawls.

We currently live up north in Tribute. We have few blues, and pride ourselves with not being aligned and completely independent from large blocs.

What we offer:

  • Experienced group of veteran players searching for like minded small gang and medium gang pvpers.

  • Independent Sov

  • Small Gang fights, and mid-sized fleets

  • Capital warfare

  • Partial capital and subcap SRP.

  • Jump freighter services and a local market.

  • TS3 and Discord

What is required:

  • TS3 and working mic

  • Discord

  • ESI Access

  • Previous PVP experience preferred

  • Looking for US TZ


Contact 3TEARS, join discord at or join “Unspoken Public” in game channel for more info.


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Still looking for dudes!


Join now, and in exchange you will get equal opportunity time to: Make horrible jokes involving current day memes, trash on your peers fits, maybe get awoxed (playfully of course), and make fun of our local celebrity Analogtom. TLDR: Seriously, fly with us and youll get good fights, a great group to fly with, and maybe even get a couple cap kills if you’re cool enough. Evemail Valhe Valodiere, Anthony Carr, or Analogtom Rotineque to join.

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Still fighting the good fight

Let me tell you a story about the time we fought 83 Svipuls and Jackdaws with 13 BC’s and won…

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Great fight we had defending our citadels

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