Big Bang Celestial [US][EU] Mining/Indy/Null Sec - Looking for new bros!

How goes it fellow Eve-N-ites?! Whether you’re a New Bro or returning player, I’ve got an fun and exciting opportunity for you. “Big Bang Celestial - [BBC-8]” is on the lookout for both rookies and experienced players eager to guide others through the challenges of Eve Online.

On any given day you can find us fleet mining in belts rich with ores & moon goo, setting up and maintaining our P.I. or hooking up with the bros to run some missions or Abyssals. Some bros love scouting wormholes & exploration and when we’re not doing that we’re chilling in comms chatting about everything from fits to Faction Warfare. We use real data to monitor the needs of our corp members in order to provide a “tailor-made” experiences / activities for our members. Do you enjoy free ships, mining opportunities, space, and, most importantly, creating lasting, bonded relationships? Then you should give [BBC] a try!

What [BBC] Can Do For YOU!

We offer assistance in every main aspect of the game (for new bros) as well as help returning players rediscover the joy of being an Eve player and a valued corp member. All corp members enjoy protection from rats & other players (from our PVP wing), Access to Null-Sec, Low-Sec & Moon mining, Corp Buybacks, Blueprint Originals for your use, Activity Fleets, Low Corp Tax Rate, a community of friends looking for the best gaming experiences and to top it all off, we are free from wars!

Activity Leader and Leadership Roles Available!

Since our corp is new, we’re particularly keen on players who enjoy helping out fellow members, taking on leadership roles and contributing to the overall success of the corporation. If this sounds like your kind of adventure, join our in-game channel “Miner Details” or shoot a message to Brii Boudreaux.

Fly safe and hope to see you soon!

In-Game Channel: Miner Details

Eve Online. Choose a path & your journey begins! Big Bang Celestial… Now accepting Applications.