Big guns vs. small fast things - is preparation for the right target more important than DPS?

Just a quick “is this how it is or am I doing something wrong” check - am I supposed to use smaller short range turrets when fighting small, weak, but fast targets or is there a way to go for the highest DPS and biggest guns and still kill those things (like - tiny weak belt rats)?

To give you more details - I’m currently testing my Hurricane. It does about 130 DPS which is apparently way too low and I should be doing 500-ish DPS, but one of the reasons the damage output is so low is that I’m using 3 medium turrets and 3 small ones. Why? Because I noticed that if I warp to a place ~30 km away from the rats, I can literally one-click them with the medium guns, but as soon as they enter a close range (4-6 km), those guns do no damage, they just miss all the time. At that point, I can engage the small guns and kill them easily.

Now, I realize that because I’m new I still have lots of skills to learn which will not only increase the damage, but also other stats, I also don’t have the right equipment to improve those stats, I get that, but my main question is - is this in general how it’s like? Are you supposed to always prepare and fit for what you’re fighting rather than just go for the highest DPS you can possibly achieve, get the biggest guns you can fit and hope the enemy won’t get close or use webifiers to keep them at range?

Mixing your guns is generaly a VERY bad idea.

You can compensate poor tracking of your guns (i assume you are using artillery that has high alpha damage but poor dps)

  • with piloting to decrease enemy’s angular speed,
  • make enemy to appear ‘bigger’ for guns (target painters)
  • slow down your target with stasis webifiers.
  • have modules that improve tracking of your guns (tacking computers/enhancers)
  • some projectile ammo types give bonus to tracking as well.

Although i personally prefer Hurricane with autocannons - you don’t get much range, but you have DPS and tracking plus ACs are quite easy to fit.


You can improve tracking with skills, modules and rigs. Larger ships like battlecruisers can also usually launch a squadron of light drones to kill small, fast rats.

If you are at long range, the rats will be flying directly toward you making them easy to track, which is why you can 1-shot them. As they get closer their angular velocity increases and your ability to track them with long range weapons decreases. With Projectile weapons, you should also try to engage in your falloff zone - not your optimal. I’ve no idea why this is true but have lots of evidence - personal experience and from other players to support it.

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Two very important points:




Now, I realize that is technically the same point, but it’s such an important one it was worth mentioning twice. Same for ammo.


B-but rainbow abbadon… Plus mixing ammo types can have use in PvP to deal with reactive hardener.

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yeah, ok, fair points.

Rainbow Abbadon rules all!

Yeah, generally mixing guns is bad.

You want to find an ideal range to fight at and work at that. That means same guns, same ammo.
Now, you can carry different ammo types to change on the fly, but all of your guns should be using the same ammo at the same time generally speaking.

I am no expert, but range is your friend here. Your ship is built to fight at range, so try to keep the enemy there.
Warp into areas at range if you can.
When the enemy starts approaching, just set a direction away from them and start flying. That will delay how quickly they reach you and will make tracking easier.

And don’t forget your drones.
You can set them on the stuff that gets in tight while you continue to pound things at range.

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