BIG Lottery is not very popular, WHY?

Why isn’t EVE Online’s BIG Lottery more popular? It works like this :

During a time period, people can send 1 (or more but that does not matter) to “BIG Games”, with a subject “The BIG Lottery”. He will make a ticket for you (or it’s probably automated) and you can check it on it’s website (using API). There is a list of all my tickets. Sometimes I sent in a double but only the first counts. There is also a list of anonymous participants to protect the privacy of the lottery freaks so if he draws number 1, the first guy who entered the competition wins AND can verify. So I started to fear he could have some API access to my account but the API log says nothing, so that’s not it either.

Round Date Tickets
379 2017-11-07 07:58:00 1

Lottery List
2017-11-07 07:58 - 23

So I am the number 23 for next draw. Please help explain why people don’t like it.

I have posted this in the popular Facebook fan pages but I am feeling like in the movie “Idiocracy” ( ) where we replace Electrolytes with ‘scam’.

Lotteries, casinos and other games of chance were a thing before yet another casino (IWI) was closed down due to its involvement in RMT, followed by a crackdown on all EVE-related gambling resources across the board with corresponding changes added to the EULA.

The magic was pretty much gone since then.

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It’s a risky business assuming people love gambling in their online games. Even if you could argue that random chance plays a part in the game, some people just despise gambling.

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Gambling is dangerous only when you think you will win more than you lose.

As with BIG lottery, maybe it lacks the risk factor, that you can lose or win? Some people like risk and danger, emotions around winning and losing. You cant lose anything really now. Its now technically more like giveaway and you dont have to buy a ticket, only declare you want to take part.


People didn’t get descent prizes, poor ads, no famous names popped up ? Dunno

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The gambling ban probably doesn’t help. You might not realize it but the BIG Lottery is included. I’ve asked and had that confirmed (I asked after someone threatened to report me for having the BIG Lottery link in my bio). Not exactly good for business.


What is funny, gambling is engrained in this game. You bring ship to low sec? Gamble. You engage ship in PvP you dont know how is fitted? Gamble. You warp into 5/10 DED in low sec when pirates are around? Gamble. You warp into faction war complex without d-scaning it? Gamble.

There is risk, you invest something and there are profits or loses. Gamble.


The EULA change was “You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties.” ( )

I think the ‘operated by third party’ is significant as BIG Games is completely ingame with no external randomizers (fixed # of participants is used as the MOD for the final number which is a combination of 3 random numbers typed in local chat).

PS: To make sure I made a ticket about it so we can have an official reply about the current “The BIG Lottery”.

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I asked in-game and was told by the ISD online at the time that the BIG Lottery is included and banned because it is gambling with in-game assets as rewards. The 3rd party part didn’t seem to matter, and I made sure to point that part out. I was still told no, it’s banned, don’t do it.

I await the response with interest.

So far, it’s not worth being threatened by people for having the link in your bio, and it’s not worth the risk if you ask ISD and they say it’s a banned activity.

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I think one of them switched over to a free raffle funded by donations, not sure if it’s this one. If this one is still being run as an actual lottery, then they need some IP bans. Even if it’s run by donations, it’s probably actually being run by “donations” and still needs a permaban, along with asset confiscation from the “winners.”

I think BigGames was character transferred to someone new. If it’s no longer illegal activity it’s a fun event. waiting for the reply of a GM, not an ISD (voulonteer)

Big Lottery is that free raffle. Its not gambling now because its completely free to take part in it. At least if they still have something to give away. Its like charity with tickets. Your ticket can be chosen from many others by sheer luck.


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