Big problem rmt

not true and pretty terrible advice considering the results of RMTing is a ban everytime and not a chance of getting that account back.

just because you don’t always see what happens to these cheating fecks who RMT CCP does deal with them, there is times when they will take control of an account and watch where the isk flows from, once they gather that information it allows them to ban multiple accounts doing the RMTing.

but to say you can do what you want is stupid and like i said terrible advice, lots of new players could read what you said and think hell yea, gonna go buy me some cheap isk, they’ll end up having their accounts hacked and will end up banned.


RMTing is bad, mkay.

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Botters are all over nullsec. It doesn’t take any effort to spot them.
I gave CCP undeniable evidence about RMTers, bots and account traders several times. Nothing ever happened and nothing is going to happen in the future.

Without all the botters and RMTers, nullsec would be as empty as a vacuum is devoid of air and thus CCP keeps them around so there’s at least some activity going on that can attract the instant gratification micro-transaction whales.


you know that’s not true and foolish to believe so.

CCP may not react as you’d like them too and they will not tell you what they are doing about it, that doesn’t mean nothing is going to happen to them and nothing is being done about it. from memory CCP banned 23000 accounts last year, how is that doing nothing?

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Granted, CCP is not doing “nothing”, but the enormity of that figure from last year alone, indicates more should be done, faster.

Bots can and will kill a game, especially one like EVE where the economy is so player activity based, and all of the game revolves around the economy.


You will probably get banned for talking about RMT on forums. (Its against the forum rules.)

The Ebay store will still be up in 6 months.

I’m sorry to say but I too have’t seen CCP take any actions against botters over the course of nearly 11 years of playing however in the past 3 years it has gotten worse.
I actually recall hearing of people being banned a lot around 2010 to 2013 or so for buying or selling isk and that was just info I’d pick up from chatting ingame.
I also recall before drone rats lost their alloy drops entire drone regions were packed with bots,there were even whispers of those botting empires paying ppl at CCP to look the other way.

CCP, counter-intuitively, have to remain quiet for as long as possible, or the perps will run for cover and launder their isk so as to return back to botting etc asap. They will also change their method, so as to avoid the new detection methods.

You cant let botters etc know you are onto their tricks, until you strike, or they flee like cockroaches when you turn on the light.

On the other-hand, since CCPs EULA/TOS is very comprehensive, legal precedent is conducive to CCP (especially involving international jurisdiction, or rather lack of, except by a few courts that have years of backlog), and cost of effort is so high for litigating against a CCP action by any individual suspect, they might as well just wipe the slate clean with a wide brush, often.


yup bots are bad and anyone using them deserves a ban.


Well, if you can’t totally wipe out RMT you can still drain profit and make content from them. For example, CCP can set up their own RMT firms as a scam for potential RMT buyers. In another sense, RMT is also a form of risk and reward–you take the risk of being banned and the reward of cheaper stuffs. The risk would be less relevant to those who just want to experience the game in the short term and don’t care what happened after that.

"save a game, kill a bot!"
just make a thread with the location/system where you find bot, mail this location to some ppl interressed, show their name in zkillboard, repeat!
the good part: kill bots, wreck and loot them (there’s some good and funny video on youtube about that
sandbox to the max! ccp let you do the clean in game, so do!
for rmt, i cant say ccp do nothing… they proove they care at some time (remember casino…) :slight_smile:
for the last parano side, how do you know it’s not ccp under ebay sale…

We pay to play this game, according to TOS/EULA.

We shouldnt have to pay to play it inorder for us, as paying clients, to enforce the TOS/EULA.

Its CCPs job to enforce TOS/EULA per the terms we agreed to, not ours.
We agreed to the terms and paid so that CCP would do it.

If they dont, we might as well all violate TOS/EULA.

It’s Ebay…not exactly some sketchy dedicated RMT site out of China. If they’re not going to get a legit website to stop allowing RMT, I don’t have much faith that they are really going to go after the culprits in game. Not sure why they can’t take legal action against Ebay, or at least nicely ask them to not allow people to sell in game assets there.

What evidence do we have they really banned 23k accounts last year…their word? lol

And yet, in another thread, you basically accused Ramona of being a RMTer when she expressed the same attitude. Sometimes I do think you just argue for the sake of it…

It’s not so trivial to kill a bot that warps to safety the moment you show up in local… They used to get stuck in bubbles and stop working, but the bots have become smarter than that now.

That is false.
I have never accused Ramona of being involved with RMT, directly or otherwise.

True, we don’t have to see how CCP deals with RMT issues. POINT IS, we don’t have to. We CAN see the lack of action taken by simple evidence. The number of “players” that never log out. The patterned activity of those “players” and so on.

Yes, yes. I know that once upon a time CCP went on this “unholy crusade” to root out as much of it as possible. I was here for that. And the watershed of many of the original CCP staff who, being of sound mind and body, decided employment elsewhere was a damn fine idea with the way the corporate culture was changing. Selling off seats on the BoD was the last evidence anyone needed that “Greed is Good” ( bonus points to any of you old enough to remember who uttered those fateful words ) and that that mentality extends down to just how little importance is placed on dealing with RMT’s.

NOTHING has changed.

And if you’ve managed to read this far – without coughing up your bittervet bile or mashing the keyboard in neckbeard rage, rejoice, because yes I’m out for good this time. But I am not without a little compassion for my fellow gamers who have stuck it out since BETA. YES, you can haz my stuffz. Well, some of the best stuff anyway. I have anchored a couple of “cans” of loot ( a few bpo’s, some Genolution implant sets, other rare implants, faction ship mods, and more than a few PLEX. I bought into PLEX a loooooooooong time ago, when they were well under 500mil each ) in a 0.7 in the Citadel region. The second can contains a rare ship, from before the days of Alliance tournament when rare ships started to be handed out like candy.

Both cans are next to an old pirate faction tower. I could have been a bittervet and anchored them in two locations – or more – but I didn’t, because once I publish this post I will have been the last gracious player in this game.

Good luck.


Normally I wouldn’t say no to free stuff, but I’m too bitter to log in for that… And then I’d have to go looking for it! Oh dear no. Someone else can do that.

Come on guys, discussion of RMT is against the forum rules and linking pages where you can engage in RMT is just not wise.

Team security investigate allegations of RMT and botting and ban accounts for it regularly and people have been known to be added to rolling ban lists where any new accounts get banned again as well. CCP Peligro recently stated the number of bans that were issued earlier this year and I will find that figure for you guys soon.

In the meantime, do not link or advertise methods of RMT on the forums please, thread locked.

ps. Don’t encourage breaching the EULA and TOS ever please, thank you.