[BISEX] RSA Recruiting

Really Strong Alliance is looking to recruit people to join us on our EVE adventure. We are a lowsec corporation living in lowsec with a gate to highsec. Our goal is to build a close knit team to enable us to enjoy the game together and become an established lowsec corporation. We are looking for real life first, laid back, honest, and fun loving players.

As an alliance many of our policies are not set in stone, only educated guidelines we have developed based on suggestions and experience, we welcome your constructive input. Only you can decide how involved you are with the shaping of corporation policies and actions. We need those special people to take the initiative to drive us towards excellence in the many fields of operations. We plan to remain a corporation where each member is valued and to teach members how to become self sufficient. We are open to both veterans and new players.

If you enjoy PVP, our lowsec has a gate to other lowsec systems where we often get good fights with skilled players from high class lowsec systems and our lowsec system gives connections to hunt down ratters, explorers and get good fights with a wide variety of different lowseccers as well as easy access to High Sec. We also venture in WH and null to PVP as well.

If you enjoy PVE we have fleets where we clear our lowsec system and home sites, relic and data sites, shoot Triglavians in LS and Pochven, hunt through event sites, or join forces for the abyss.

If you enjoy Industry, we have a perfect tax haven where you can produce what you want efficiently, do planetary interaction, gas harvesting, mining and either sell it yourself or to our corporation buyback program.

What we offer:
A friendly, fun, community with a real life first atmosphere
Access to Lowsec, Highsec, and nullsec
PVP and PVP ops
No taxes
Buyback program
Discord / Pathfinder
An alliance where each member is valued within the corporation
Opportunity to help build a strong and successful alliance from the ground up
Guides and tutorials
Learn from pilots experienced in lowsec space
RL first

How do we support you?
Advice and guidance
Help with ship set-ups
Regular corporations/alliance ops
Help to become self-sufficient and space rich
A strong and supportive community of pilots around you

What we are looking for?
Alpha or Omega characters welcome
New or experienced players welcome
Team Players
Mature attitude
Players who want to learn and improve that want to achieve a common goal
Basic scanning skills or better
EvE First, RL Second

Our Goals:
Become a well established lowsec alliance in our lowsec
Make a name for ourselves in lowsec space to the point where other lowseccers know that they can always get a good fight with us.
Expand into other timezones and eventually have all timezones covered
Move to lowsec space

At Really Strong Alliance you will be part of a family that looks out for each other and enjoys each other’s company, come join us on our EVE adventure.

We are recruiting both people and corporations.

If you have any questions direct them to Oracle Isu or Drone Invasion or talk to us in our public channel “Really Strong Recruitment”

Recruiters: Oracle Isu and Drone Invasion
USTZ Recruiter DrCoomer
Assistant to USTZ Recruiter Ocerdyn
Public channel: “Really Strong Recruitment”

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can i join if i’m from fraternity? i have couple titans and 2 supers.

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Very solid, family like group. I’ve been having a blast so far. Come and join us.

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Very rewarding experience to be part of this family, all of our usefull are deeply rewarded both in assets and isk, as well as appreciation from the crew.

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Im about to join their training corp “Lazerhawks”. Heard only positive things about those dunkers

I’ve been part of this group for years, ive never seen such a generous leadership, they reward active and people who want to be helpfull to the group with ships, money and skillpoints, even if an attempt was failed, there never is any toxicity or discouragment, everyone is striving to improve.

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This group saved me from committing suicide in 2018 with their inspirational leadership and coachmanship. I have been a happy “woman of faith” ever since my transition.


First time i heard about this group was trough my Wives Son, Jake.
At first i didnt believe that there might be group this involved, this friendly, and this much behind woman emancipation.
It is truly amazing how tightly knit this community is, and how well they treat each other.

My first capital ops were with them, as well as my proverbial supercapital cherry was popped with them.
During all that i never felt stressed, because amazing leadership and mentorship programs made sure that i was fully trained and prepared to execute our combat plans.

Playing with them let me truly connect with my stepson, who to this point wasnt on the best terms with me.
They made my life improve in very obvious and visible ways.

All in all, my stepson and i highly recommend joining, both for corps and solo players looking for new home.


Very chill group of low stress, inclusive PvPers. Worked together with them on several occasions now and they’re just a super cool group to be a part of.

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