Bitter old miner looking for drama free corp

Miner with multiple accounts, lowest SP is 139 mil, highest just over 250 mil. A couple of toons also have good PvP skills. Haven’t played since they nerfed moon mining and required the “kill me” module on all POS.

I play mostly to interact with adults for fun without drama. I would however like to make enough isk to make it wort my while. I am pretty independent and provide my own ships and don’t expect a corp to support me. Although I enjoy PvP and willing to fight to defend my home, not interested in mandatory CTA. I don’t mind doing things to support the corp but not interested in a cop who will kick me for missing an op. If you need an old crotchety miner let me know. Also tired of moving from system to system in null so either looking for hisec or a corp really stable in Null so I don’t have to pack up a month after joining and move across the map.

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Miners are welcome here in our community!
Fun adults no drama
Get filthy rich
Willing to defend our home check!
Stable Null Sec home check!

Hi there m8

I think our corp/alliance could be a good option.

Please make sure to check our post below, there you will find everything you need to know about us.


Emailed you in game.

Let me know


Social infrastructure mite be something up your alley. We have a solid drama free community,most of us are middle aged or retired. We don’t do CTA’S, the real world comes first and you play when you want. We are based out of low sec, and have moon mining as a option. Our main thing is small gang pvp. We are not die hards and just have fun with it.

Drop in our discord and say Hi and see for your self.

We might fit together pretty well, as I am fairly old and cranky myself. Also, we have a fair amount of moons to mine and my lil’ corp is pretty drama free. Hit me up in game and let’s talk.
Thanks, Krymswn Kennedy.

Mail sent to you in game. I believe we can accommodate you.

Hi GSXRSquid, I wanted to see if you were looking for our corporation.

Masters of Coin is a newbie-friendly corporation focused on industry, mining, and PVE.
We belong to the alliance WE FORM BL0B. BL0B is the sister alliance to WE FORM V0LTA, one of the most feared PVP alliances in all of New Eden.

When you join our team you will have access to 34 null-sec star systems to mine, explore, rat, and fight to your heart’s content. We’re primarily based in the region of Deklein. By using our jump bridges, you’ll be a stone’s throw from Jita, the main trade hub.

We have regular moon mining operations, some of the best ratting space in the game, and alliance pvp fleets run by veteren fleet commanders. As part of our team, you can make boatloads of isk out in null.

Most importantly, we have many people online at all hours. Experienced pilots who can answer any questions you have, and help you grow in this game. We have an active discord filled with resources, where we share in-game knowledge and hang out.

If you are interested in joining us, please let me know.

Fly safe o7

Warm Regards,

EndaPuper Minmatar
Masters of Coin

Take a look

Hello we are a corp based in WH Space and I think we would be an excellent fit for your needs.

We have a drama-free adult environment and no mandatory CTAs we understand real life comes first and as we get older playtime becomes limited. We have an excellent comms structure and plenty of people to talk to across all Timezones.

We have a wide range of plantery industry
Manufacturing Pipelines with high demand
We are based in a C4 with structures and access to C3 and C5 Ratting as well as numerous gas fleets

We offer a buyback program and have a core industry group for discussion and assistance

We also have a region of highsec focused on manufacture and production and mining. Full of resources and containing excellent shipping links.

If you simply wish to mine we have a dedicated hauling team that will move your ores for you.

Your current skillset would certain be of value to us and we would be able to compensate you accordingly.

Our corp would certainly benefit from the presence of an old crotchety miner. We have one and it would be great to add another.

It would be great to connect with you so please send me a message or stop by our discord as shown below if you think we may be what you are looking for.

Fly safe and hope to hear from you o7

We are a small corp out in scalding pass under the Valkyrie alliance. We mainly do industry with pvp on the side. Being in the alliance gives us access to moon mining/ratting space/industry structures. Fleets can range from massive all hands on deck to chill small gang roams.

We tend to do some small gang roams ourselves on weekends or when we get bored. Our primary TZ is currently around 1800-0000 depending on everyone’s work schedules.

You are very much “free” to do your own thing out here. Only requirement is to assist with CTA pings if you are able. Real life comes first always so no one will yell at you for missing one.

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